How to make money online faster through blogging free.

If you are motivated by other and looking for a genuine way how to make money online faster or  How to create a blog for free and make money.

Or How to make create a blog for free and money online then you are in right place to get going your journey via blogging and make money online free.

But before you start to enjoy your journey via making money online you must have the acknowledgment of some key point of a successful blogger.

Because being a successful blogger only you can dividend of How to make money online faster via blogging which is free of cost to get Dividends from your blog.

Here are the key points. that you have to keep in your mind before you start up the first blog.

1-you have to build a passion to do research.

2-Strong determination.

3-Being habitual to keep patience.

4-Be habitual for doing and practice.

5-Be creative Mind (Do the same thing but in different manners)

If you don’t have or see capability in yourself then quit or stay away from this blogging field.

Because it is a long-term journey to get success and find the relevant answer of how to make money online faster or how to create a blog and make money online free through blogging.

Let’s have a look at our main topic.

How to make money online faster through blogging free? for beginners.

The question How to make money online free which flip in our mind is it real or genuine.

My Answer is yes, you can but it took long terms of days, month and year to get Answer of the question How to make money online.

To be a successful blogger you need a strong determination and patience to get going your blog year by year and increase your earning sources.

Like – Doing Affiliate Marketing, Selling Digital product and services, through Advertisement and through Ad network like Google Ad senses and Media net etc.

You can get or you can say there are plenty of income sources to generate income in the Digital world. Once you start engaging your visitor and audience on your blog.

Before I start to provide you with a relevant answer of How to make money online free with a blog? I want to point out between you.

That there is plenty of CMS content management systems services provider, which provide a free platform to use their services.

You can check out the list of content management system or list of blog sites to start your blog journey via free of cost and make or earn passive income via blogging.

But in this post, I am passionate to introduce you via blogger which is Google platform and known in worldwide to create a free blog and make or earn money online.

And if you are a beginner and trying to create your own blog then you must try once blogger platform.

blog on blogger online free

Why do I suggest a beginner start their blogging journey with blogger?

A thing that I notice in blogger is you don’t have to be professional of programming language to use blogger dashboard, interface, and feature etc.

Actually, it is made for beginners who want to start their blogging journey and turn in to beginner to entrepreneur and professional in blogging field.

Blogger is a genuine as Google you can have a trust to the blogger platform to join and start your blogging journey.

Actually, Most the people are not trusted to use or start their journey via free Sources or you can say services which provide a free platform to use their services.

I don’t mean that every free services provider is not genuine because there are plenty of services which provide a free platform to get going your blog journey.

But in the free platform, we get some limited features to get going via your blog. And to use Advance features you have to upgrade via their paid or premium features services.

And in these cases, the blogger is a good platform to use. Where you can get free features and templates.

Actually, blogger is also a free platform but there are not any hidden features all features are distributed in open sources.

And the best thing of the blogger is you can get features of Google Ad sense which is inbuilt in blogger features dashboard.

Once you have complete eligibility it automatically notifies you that you are capable to join and be a partner via Google Ad sense to make money.

It is not mandatory that you can only use Google ad sense on blogger platform you can also make money through other sources.

Like – Affiliate, Media net, other ad networks, selling product and services etc through your blog.
Why blogger is more beneficial for beginner to increase their blog visibility on the Search engine?

Blogger is a platform where you can speed up your blog post via submitting your blog URL on webmaster tool.

Also, read –  How to set up your blog setting on blogger.

Via blogger, you can improve your search engine ranking because Google gives a priority to rank faster on the search engine but it depends on your content On page and Off page SEO.

You have to don’t worry about your loading speed, actually, blogger provides templates or theme which are mobile friendly and SEO friendly.

Which make your blog post rank faster on the Google or any search engine without any issues.

Must read – How to write SEO friendly and User-friendly content.

Let’s have a look

How to get started via blogger and make money?

Before you start to create a blog on blogger platform you must have a Google Gmail Account.

If you don’t have Gmail account you can simply go to the Google Gmail and create a new Gmail account. it is free and easy to use interface.

To start to create your blog on blogger simply search on browser, you will be redirected to the blogger dashboard.
how to make money master through blogging

Where it provides a user-friendly interface dashboard on the blogger platform.

You have to simply put your Gmail Address to sign up to create a blogger blog account. Give a specific URL and blog name, and select a theme which suits your blog.

It’s done you have created a blog on blogger and now your blog is ready for your content.

Why blogger is beneficial to create an account to make money online free?

Blogger has a great platform which is known for user-friendly blog creation platform.

You can get plenty of dynamic templates to manage your blog site design that looks Awesome and user-friendly.

The benefit of the blogger is you can create 100 blogs via your single or one Gmail account.

And that’s why most of the newbie blogger use this platform to find out which niche site blog they can run consistently and frequently.

I don’t suggest any newbie and beginner that always run your blog on blogger.

You can use this platform for individual and intermediate once you start you confident high and start to engage traffic on your blog you can move on to self-hosted blog like as other professional bloggers.

And the one most reason is to avoid blogger is it doesn’t give a full access to control your blog.

Blogger keeps the priority to delete your blog whenever it finds irrelevant activities and violent material on your blog.

For more information visit– blogger guideline page.

But it still beneficial to start up as a beginner and get going your blog as a part time or full time.

How to make money with blogging on blogger platform?

Blogger is a great and genuine platform to make money without investing any cheap amount.

On Digital world, there is no limitation of earning you can find plenty of income sources to make money through your blog.

Doing Affiliate marketing, Google Ad sense, Media .net, Selling Digital product and services third-party product through your blog, through accepting the donation, and showing third-party Ads on your blog etc.

There are plenty of income sources to make money for more information read.

But on blogger, it provides a platform where it introduces Adsense features in his dashboard interface which is inbuilt manually.

You don’t need to get to sign up for Google Adsense on your search browser.

It automatically notifies you that you are eligible for Google Adsense approval; you can sign up to be the partner with Google Adsense to make money.

Notable Advice – before you sign up for Google Adsense for approval, you have to complete your blog construction work.

Like – Privacy policy, contacts us, and Pages etc. Also, read – How to create a blog to get Google Adsense approval in the first Attempt?

Advice- Always remembers that earning via blogging not means it is a one day game or one-day presentation and work.

It took lots of work constantly in frequently manners with strong determination.

You have to work constantly more than 3 months to 6 months till you not start engaging traffic on your blog and start earning via passive income.

But without traffic you can’t earn money through blogging platform your content must me be SEO friendly and User-friendly.

How to write SEO friendly blog post to engage traffic on your blog?

There is plenty of criteria set up by Google or other search engines to find out that what type of information or services you have on your content.

With targeting keyword which you placed on your content to get Search engine crawler to find out which keyword related information you are targeting.

And that why SEO friendly post is most important to rank your blog on the search engine to get relevant and genuine organic traffic from search engine.

To get on eye on search engine crawler. Your content word quantity must be more than your competitor.

Who is running their content on search engine first-page result for the same keyword?

Long length word content gives a priority to improve your keyword Density on your content and such of content improve your content ranking on Search engine result.

And such posts are the user-friendly post and have a sense of depth information of that particular keyword for your Audience.

Also, read- Top 15 Free keyword research tool which makes your blog content to boost on the search engine.

Notable Advice – Avoid writing content without doing keyword research.

Because with targeting a specific and relevant keyword make your content rich content according to ranking factor and earning factor.

I have written plenty of blog post which is related to the blog. You must read to get a more important fact about the blog.

What to do next while starting you’re earning from your blog?

As a blogger, I don’t suggest or recommended to my Audience or visitor to stay alive on the blogger platform.

You have to Move on to buy a custom domain and hosting to be your own boss of your blog.

To buy custom Domain and hosting you can search on the internet there are plenty of services on the internet.

Which provide a Domain and hosting with cheap Amount for a monthly or yearly basis.

And there are plenty of open source content management systems which provide free service to use their platform to design, customize and theme to create a Dynamic and Awesome professional website.

Like- Joomla, WordPress, and Magneto etc.

Also, read – Top 15 best content management system.

Top 20 blog sites to create a dynamic website.

You can also use trending and the best hosting service provider like a Blue host, Host Gator, Hostinger and site ground etc.

Suggestion- If you are not professional and want to grow your blog as a professional blogger than your site security and site speed is most important to rank on search engine.

Best services to buy a custom domain and hosting for your blog to Quickly boost on the search result.

There are plenty of services which provide a free Domain via charging hosting fee or you can buy hosting and get Domain free.

But here I am talking about the two most powerful hosting services which I use for my client to manage their website and blog.

And also provide 30-day money back guaranty while getting any issues an error on your website speed or any security reason.

Both hosting services are Site ground and Hostinger.

And both have a great impact to improve my client website to get high uploading speed and keep secure from unwanted entries.

I am still using their services because, why I should change my services if nothing is going wrong to my website.

And now I have started Affiliate marketing of Site Ground and Hostinger. Both offer the same flexibility to join their platform or you can say use their services.

If you are looking to get your site secure and speed up website loading time on mobile devices and improve your search engine ranking.

Then Hostinger and Site ground is the best hosting services provider where you can get or buy hosting via free domain via paying a little bit cheap Amount.

If you buy or sign up to join hosting through our Affiliate link (which is separated in sidebar Layoutwe get paid via cheap Amount for our basic need.


In this post, I have generally mentioned a Genuine Way to get going your blog through blogger any earn or make money through blogging.

You can get the information related to blogging and why one should change blogger platform within 3 to 6 month?

and the best hosting services which boost your website loading speed on mobile and other devices.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on comment Section box

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Top Best Tips to get Google Adsense Approval in First Attempt.

Top Best Tips to get Google Adsense Approval in First Attempt.

Google AdSense is a platform. which works on CPC cost per click, where you can submit your website URL and request Google Ad Sense to show relevant advertisement on your websites.

Which are related to targeted keywords on your particular post or content topic?
Actually, Google Ad sense is cross-platform. which was initial release by Google on June 18, 2003.

And its purpose was to provide a platform, where Google Ad word (Initial release by Google on October 23, 2000).

And Google Ad sense play the Major role of Mediator between marketer and publisher to get close to the digital marketing.

Or you can say Google provide a platform, where any website owner like marketer can promote their ads by using Google ad word with paying a small amount and leverage to their business profile.

And any publisher can earn some revenue or passive income with publishing Ads on their content with Google ad senses partnership.

And then check the website that matches or follow their guidelines and then provide an HTML code to copy and paste in your site head section.

After that, it will crawl your full site interface, content, image, and videos etc to see that, which type of Ads you are available to show in your site.

Top Best Tips to get Google Adsense Approval in First Attempt.

How to monetize your site for Google AdSense?


First of all, Before I talked about how to monetize a site. I want to point something when I was a beginner and look for Google AdSense approval.

I have done plenty of mistakes when I was a beginner and look to monetize my site. And that’s, why I was rejected from Google Adsense plenty of time.

But time after time I did improvement and find out that Google AdSense is much more flexible to use and get Approval.

Google AdSense provides a simple user interface, where users have to simply signup via a Gmail account and submit their Website URL.

And within a week you can get approval from Google AdSense to show ads on your website.


Let’s start how to monetize your blog or website according to Google guideline.


If you want to monetize your blog from Google AdSense and show Google Adsense ads on your site.

Then you have to look after some mandatory field which Google Adsense gives a priority.

Here are the tips Step by Step to Improve or check out, while submitting your URL to get Google Adsense approval in your first attempt.

Step by step let’s have a look.

Step -1 While submitting your URL you have to look after that, you have completed your website construction.that’s how your websites will look like while publishing.

Example-pages, navigation, menu, categories and comment section box etc is properly working or not.

And then submit your URL on Google Adsense and Sign up to get approval to show ads on your sites.

Notable point:-

Don’t apply for Google AdSense approval, if your site is in construction your application for Google Adsense approval will be rejected.

Step- 2 While submitting or signing up for Google Adsense Approval you have to look after that your website interface has user-friendly and responsive site look.

Submitting your URL always remembers that you have to create all pages. Which are mandatory to get Google AdSense approval?

Step 3- Pages that are mandatory to get approval For Google AdSense exp- like privacy policy, Disclaimer, about us, Contact us etc.

Step 4- your website must be submitted in Webmaster tool and be a verified property to get approval from Google AdSense.

Step 5- Always provide a unique and engaging content to your user that Google can understand you have a Unique material on your Websites.

And Google provides an Authority to your site and make visible to rank your pages on Google search engine first-page result.

Avoid copyright material to post on your site because we all know that Google ad sense is a product of Google and Google has known for a strict rule.

Somehow, if Google AdSense finds any irrelevant copy Wright material, Adult content or a content that create a violent Google Adsense have the priority to suspend or disapproved your site application.

For more information, you can read Google Adsense guidelines.

Step 6-  if you are looking for to get approval for Google Adsense in the first attempt then you must have minimum 10 plus post in your site 1500 -2000 plus word.

Long content post more than 10 posts is good to get approval from Google AdSense.

But your content must be 2,000 plus Words. Why?

Because nowadays you find plenty of competitor in the Digital World and all of their aims is to get approval from Google Adsense.

So that’s why you need an Authority website and Authority comes from a long length content.

Step 7- you have to write a post via targeting a keyword. Which have high CPC and Click through rate (CTR).

High CPC keyword post content gives your website authority, if you have high ranking keyword post content then, you don’t need too much content on your website to get approval.

I have heard that many user Mostly beginners. who has just started a blog?

And face a problem to get Google Adsense approval and have complaints they write 30 plus content posted on their website.

To get ad senses approval and some says minimum 10 plus post is good enough to get approval from Google AdSense.

It all matter is high CPC (click per Cost) a quality of your content you have in your website You can easily get approval from Google AdSense.

Because we have to know that Google AdSense is a platform which runs Ad network via Google Ad word network.

And publish Ad through a publisher with targeting specific keyword which has high CPC (Click through rate).

Those are some mandatory field which you have to look after while submitting your URL to get Google AdSense approval.

How to get Google Adsense approval in the first attempt?

If you are serious about Google Adsense account then you have to check out your website with own self before signing up Google Adsense.

Here are some points that you have to look after before applying or sign up for Google Adsense.

1- Once you decide that your site is eligible to show Ads you have to check out your website pages are they properly mentioned according to Google guidelines terms and condition.

2- look after your website’s content is in good shape (means the use of proper headline h1, h2, h3 etc and paragraph had good readability) for the user.

3- Have you provide a comment section box to the user, where they can communicate with you for their query and suggestion.

4- Your layout has the clear interface clean and simple. ( this is the main point, if you are looking to show Google Adsense ads, then you have to provide a particular place where your ads appear in layout interface).

Mostly many of Google ad sense approval application is rejected for this simple and small mistake.

And this problem effect for most of the beginner or entrepreneur why?

Because as a beginner or entrepreneurs .we have plenty of experiment to do some like designing website, choosing a different layout to make your website look dynamic.

And many more etc.

5- Some time your small mistake makes you in the rejected list by Google Ad sense. Why?

This a simple reason sometimes when we create pages, menu bar, and navigation.

We forget to check out our navigation menu, that it is working properly or not or having some issues.

But when you sign up for Google Adsense it crawls your all websites interface and easily finds out what error you have in your website.

And reject your approval application by giving some reason actually what type of issues you have in your submitted websites.

How many days Google AdSense take to give approval to your sites?

Mostly Google AdSense is known for a Fast-track performance.

As you submit your property URL to sign up for Google Adsense approval.

Within 48 hours or in a week you can get approval from Google AdSense if your website or blog doesn’t have any issues.

But in some cases, it takes a long time to give approval in some cases.

How to sign up to get Google Adsense Approval?

Google Adsense provides a simple interface to his user to get Partnership via Google Adsense.

You have to simply sign up via your Google Gmail account (always use a new Gmail account) to get Google Adsense Approval.

And after signing up you have to submit your website URL and your details and click on Submit or apply.

After submitting your website or blog URL Google Adsense provide a verification HTML code which you have to paste on your theme Header section and save.

After pasting Google Adsense code you have to go to the Google Adsense Account and click on verify to get your property to verify.

Always submit your Website full URL address example or

Now Google Ad sense Welcome via Auto Ads or you can say via new rules which provide a user-friendly interface.

That you don’t have to worry about placing ads to your pages or in your content.
Once you get the approval message in your Gmail box from Google Adsense within 2 to 4 hours.

Your ads start to appear automatically on your website or blog and those ads are user-friendly to your content.

Know Google Adsense show Advertisement to your website or blog via targeting keywords.

And that’s why it is so important to write content via targeting high CPC keyword.
What happens when we sign up for Google AdSense?

Google Adsense crawl your whole website interface to find out. Is your website relevant to show ads?

Once you set up your all detail and submit for Google Adsense Approval it crawls you’re all website details.

Crawl your websites inner pages are working properly or not .is any kind of violent content you have in your site.

Look after your page loading speed (you can use Siteliner free tool to improve your page speed).

Navigation bars, your website’s interface are user-friendly or not and many more etc.

Actually, once you submit your website URL for Google Adsense approval it crawls your all websites.

You can’t hide anything from Google AdSense. So always look after your website’s issues .while submitting your URL.

What is Auto Ads and AMP?

Auto Ads is a great achievement of Google Adsense, using a Google Adsense Auto ads.

You don’t have to worry about, where to paste your ads code to show ads on your Websites.

Once you click on auto ads to show Auto Ads in your website you get an HTML Auto Ad code.

You have to simply copy that code and paste it into your head section tag and click to save.

Google Ad sense automatically place relevant Ads where it looks Suitable on your website.

Google welcome with a New announcement that more of the user are from mobile and other devices and that’s why Google Adsense provide AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) to Ads appear to fit on display of mobile.

To get Amp Ads you will get two different AMP HTML code to paste in your head and body tags.

And once you have to paste AMP HTML code in your head and body tag and save within hours your ads start to appear in your site.

How much Google Adsense pay to their publisher?

This is a most common question, which is asked by a beginner or entrepreneur.
That how Google Ad sense pays to his publisher and how much pay?

Google AdSense setup some algorithm to pay Publisher through click per cost and 1000 impression.

Google Adsense provides a fixed earning source like per 1000 impression you get $1 but in some case, you get low cost or high cost its depend on your CPC of your content.

But the best income source is if any visitor clicks on your ads you can get high paid from Google Adsense.

That’s why more blog scientist says that, how much high CPC keywords content you have, it will be more profitable to get good revenue.

You cannot get pay for each and every click via the same amount it depends on the market bids that how much Advertiser pay to show their ads.

Sometimes you get $1 for high CPC content but sometimes you get $0.50 that means all game is for CPC rate.


In this post, I have mentioned many issues that beginner face or those who are not aware of Google Adsense policy and rules.

I have clear much more doubt which faced by beginner and is looking to get Google Adsense approval.

All the information, what I have mentioned in my post are from doing website research and from official sites.

For any Suggestion or query feel free to comment on comment Section box.

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12 Alternative best free blogging platform for beginners

If you are here, then it means that you need some useful tips and trick that which alternative free blogging platform is good to start as a beginner and become as a professional blogger.

I feel proud to be your mentor to guide you that how you can find the best free blogging platform to start up.

I also turn around some difficulties, what we face while starting as an entrepreneur or beginner in the second last paragraph.

In this post, I have not compared any free blogging platform that, which CMS(content management system) platform is good to start up.

Only just explain why one should use blogger platform and how to find the best niche for your blog to start up, according to your interest field.

I always recommend new entrepreneur and beginners to start their journey via free blogging platform blogger .com or

Which is free of cost, where you can start your blog journey and build a confidence.
If you are a beginner and looking to find out or doing web-based research to find, which platform to use them without hesitation.

You can start your journey with or .you have to just sign up via Gmail id and go through via step by step and create a free blog.

How to find the best free blogging platform?

Here is the list of best free blogging platform with some basic information.

It provides a free CMS (content management system) platform, where you can use platform to start or create your free blog.

And write your content, it is known for providing services like Website builders, Business Management, and Web hosting etc.

Wix was founded in 2006 more than 12 years ago and was created by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahmi, and Giora Kaplan.

It provides free and paid services, where free services have a limitation to use his service.

but paid services provide an ultimate power drag and drop page builder tool to redesign your theme and templates.

And make a website design look professional and awesome.

It provides a storage capacity of 500 MB with 500MB bandwidth.




Yola was founded by Vinny Lingham(co-founder and Former CEO) and Bren Viljoen (Co-founder and CPO).

Yola is a South Africa (Content Management System) Services provider which is Known for website builders and website hosting.

And it is similar to other content management System Services provider like (Wix, Weebly, and Webs).

Yola provides a (content management system) CMS in different features.

• Free services
• Bronze
• Silver
• Gold
• Premium

Yola Free

service provides a facility that you can only get 3 page to write for each and every post.

And give a facility to use basic web builders tool to customize and build your website easily.

Yola Bronze

is a paid service from yola, you have to pay some cheap amount to get bronze premium.

And get unlimited bandwidth including 2 GB storage and free domain via a private register in $49.95 a year.

Yola Silver

provide many extra tool and additional features according to bronze services.

It includes 5 GB storage and unlimited premium style and creates an awesome website via using drag and drop tools.

In the silver feature, it provides a tool from which you can remove any third party ads of owner credit brands from yola sites.

With the normal cost of $99.95 for annual to use silver Awesome features services.

Yola Gold-

Yola gold has known for his Awesome features for search engine optimization.

which is similar in some features to WordPress Yoast plugin.

It provides a platform for keyword placement and also provides a full site search optimization and traffic reporting Analytic etc.

Yola premier

it is a one-time process, where you find plenty of tools and features and also provide all benefit of yola silver.

And include features of web developer HTML 5 designs and professional 5-page websites. It provides a storage capability of 1 GB with 1 GB bandwidth.




Weebly Founder where David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, Chris Fanini and was founded on March 29,2006, More than 12 years ago.

It provides a content management System and Known for Web builders and web hosting.

Weebly provider a free and paid platform, where you can easily sign up and create an awesome website.

It drags and drops feature is comfortable to use, Where you can easily create a new awesome website and run on the search engine.

But it provides a drag and drop option had a great future which converts your website into the mobile site.

Even it is similar to similar to where you have to buy a custom domain to use other features.

It also provides unlimited storage like provides for his user.

Actually, Weebly also provide an Awesome feature tool, where once you have to sign up for it premium plan to become a registered user.

And you can build a more interesting website with it website builder tools.
But it doesn’t provide such feature to free version user.

But free version had good and enough feature to those users, who are an entrepreneur.

You can access to anytime to premiere version and become a registered user.

Where you can find plenty of tools to build or create an awesome website without being an expert in coding and programming.

Weebly provides a features tool, where you have to don’t worry about for your SEO reach it Automatically optimize your blog post.

It provides a storage capacity of 500 MB with Unlimited bandwidth.




Webnode is an online website builder system and development by westcom, Ltd.
Web node was launched in June 2006, providing services CMS (content management system).

It free 100mb storage, 1 GB monthly bandwidth and 100mb file size limit and page builder and templates. And it provides the user a simple interface features.

Where user can create a website via using drag and drop tool to make your blog photo Images and much more to look awesome.

And Provide free service but via having an offer for limitation but it also provides paid service where you can get more storage bandwidth and extra feature.

It also provides a platform to run a personal business and E-commerce website.
Webnode best feature is you can easily operate with Smartphone online.




Webs hosting service, company -Free Webs, co-founder were two brothers’ Haroon mukhtar Zada and Zkiy mukhtar Zada.

And was founded in 2001 and provide a free and paid web hosting service.

The web is a hosting site where you can use this platform free you don’t need any money to start your blog.

But if you need your own domain name you have to buy a custom domain to make your website look professional.

It welcomes with site builder product which is known as site builder 3 which provide drag and drop option.

The best part of it is you don’t need to be expert of any type of coding or expert in technical designer or programmer.

It also provides a professional design theme to make your website look dynamic pages like, contact our services and about us etc.

You don’t need to do extra work, just used site builder 3 tool drag and drop and customize your website.

Webs also provide a feature, where you can optimize your search with SEO booster and more customizable theme via simple share option.

You can easily track your traffic and visitor which using the status tool.

The user can access the premium package via free custom domain and find awesome features to create your website to look professional.

It provides to his user 40+ MB storage and 400 monthly Bandwidth.




Medium is online publishing services where it provides to the user to host their content.

It was launched on August 15, 2012, and created and founded by Evan Willams.

You Can create Your account as a registered user and host your content.

It provides free service you have to just sign up with your google account or facebook account.

A medium is a place where you can read and write articles it also is known as the best platform for blogging like WordPress blogger Webbly and many more other.

If you have a passion to write article news story etc and publish it publicly.

Actually, it provides a channel communication where other users post their article story news on the medium platform and people are engaged with reading and writing for Each Other post.

And provide a platform where the user has to write an article, news should be long and then 140 characters.

It is the best platform to create a website and start a blogging either you are entrepreneur or professional.


7-Angel fire


Angel fire provides a both free and paid service. Where free service has some limitation in his features.

But after assessing it paid service you can control all features to create an awesome and professional website.

It is one of the oldest service provider, which was launched in 1996 by Lycos which also owned tripod.Com.

Angel fire is known for hosting service where it provided webmail email service for Lycos domain.

But all these features are for the only premium user only and it is completely recoded in HTML5.

And the best thing about the medium is, it provides a drag and drop features interface tool.

Where you can easily customize your website according to your interest.

You don’t need to be an expert in HTML coding, or programmer and also provide free domain name when you buy one of the premium plans.

It provides approximately 200 templates to make your website to look professional.

It provides a storage capability of 20 MB with 1 GB bandwidth. and Angel fire is owned by the same owner Lycos and was founded in 1992 and officially launched in 1995.

It was created by college’s classmate Former student Bo Peabody, Bret Hershey, and Dick Sabot.

Tripod provided free service, where it offers free blogging tools and hosting via basic features.

Includes additional disk space, shopping craft, free domain name, and pop / IMAP email.

It also provides a drag and drops features, where you can easily or simply customize your website and pages with the professional look.

With using drag and drop option you can drag your photo album, social feeds, and e-commerce widgets etc.

It also provides a mobile-friendly website, where you can customize your website layout for a desktop computer, tablet, mobile, and other small screen devices.

It provides a 20 MB storage and 1 GB monthly bandwidth for his user.




Ucoz provide free and paid service to the user and it is known as content management service provider.

It provides a platform Where user can run a website as a blog, online shopping, web forum etc.

Ucoz was launched on 29 October 2005 and it provides a free web service and paid web service.

It is the website which was format and development by the combined experience of several developers and Company uCoz media.

It provides a storage Cafe capability of 400mb with unlimited bandwidth and file size limit not more than 15 MB.

As other free website uCOZ also provide a page builder facilities and advance Tech templates but the best thing is it provides an ad-free blog for free service.

And all other free features IMO similar to hosting web hosting and website building site.




Jimdo is a free hosting web hosting service provider and its founders were Matthias Henze, Christian Springub and Fridtjof Detzner and launch on 19 February 2007.

Jimdo provider web service platform under some domain as like other web hosting comma website service provider.

It is known for offering free web hosting service and paid service Jimdo pro and Jimdo business paid service. Jimdo provides website builder for Android and iOS.

If provide his free user with 2GB bandwidth and monthly file size limitation 10 MB to 100mb MB and 500 Mb storage capacity.




Blogger is a Google product which was developed by Pyra Labs and owned by Google in 2003.

Actually, blogger was the first website which welcomes with free blogging interface and was launched by Pyra lab on August 23, 1999.

Blogger is the best blogging site for beginners and provides a platform where you can use various types of templates and facility to customize the theme.

And also provides a mobile-friendly feature that automatically customizes post, it provides hand by service.

Where you have to set up a default or custom option to make a blog look mobile friendly.

It provides a mobile operating system Android and IOS and provides facility to user to edit their blog, save in a draft or publish through blogger apps.

Free domain registration and facility to monetize your blog and earn revenue from Google AdSense ad.

It provides a storage capacity of 100 MB with 1 GB/day bandwidth. is One of the famous website, which provides content management system CMS.Where user can sign in and create a free website.

But the mostly user top 60 percent in the world used WordPress. org which is paid the service provider. provides free service to his register user and was launched on November 21, 2005, and created and owned by Automattic.

Its show the third party ads on your blog, if you use free service provides 3 GB storage with unlimited bandwidth and file size limit for his free register user.

And also provide features with the facility to customize your website template to create your website as a professional look.

It provides a facility to upgrade free service to paid premium to get your website registered with your own domain name.

Those are some free blogging platform, where you can choose an alternative to find which is best free blogging platform to use.

Some use full tips and trick for beginner and entrepreneurs.

How you can find the best niche and keywords to start up your blog?
If you want to find a niche to start up your blog or looking to create a blog for a long term.

Then you have to understand your passion for content writing skill.

Yes, if you are a beginner and looking to be a professional blogger then you have questions yourself.

Which niche type of content you can provide for other users? is your niche content beneficial for other?

Always remember always select those niche, in which you have the passion to gain information and serve content.

To find a perfect niche to start a new blog, you have to do some experiment and research.

Here Research and experiment do not mean that you have to work out on laboratory, it is a simple work that you have to do yourself.

You have to do research for 2 particular things first is your Niche and second is keyword research.


Even I found this trick to find a particular niche to start the carrier as a blogging.
Because I also have to face this problem, that how to find a particular niche, while I was a beginner or you can say, entrepreneur.

While selecting a niche, you have to first find out 10 niches in which you have the interest to write content.

Why I told you to select 10 niche cause as a beginner, we have much more confidence that you can write 10 plus content for a particular niche.

But Actually while writing content mostly you can write 700 plus word not for each niche only for 2 or 3 Niche.

And those 2 or 3 niches is optional niche from which you have to select one of them and start your blog.

If you find difficulties to choose, which one is the best niche that you can take for writing long time content?

Then It is very simple to go to blogger dashboard on the right side you get drop down option to create a new blog.

Just create a blog for that 2 or 3 niches which you find optional, after creating a blog write 300 plus word daily.

For each and every particular niche and try this method for one week you will automatically find your perfect niche.

Cause in which niche you have interested you gain more information to Write and in which you don’t have interested avoid via excuse.

These are the simple tactic to get or find out perfect Niche to start up via free blogging platform and create a blog.

For more deeply information to start up via blogger .com you can read my post how to create a blog on it is one of My best post for a beginner.


2-Keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important parts to rank your blog in the search engine first-page result.

If you are beginner you have to do plenty of work to find the best keyword to write content and rank on search engine top 10 results.

But here I provide best and tips and tricks information about some tool which is free and easy to use.


1- Keyword everywhere


It is a chrome extension tool and set up on chrome browser.

When you search any particular keyword on chrome browser you find information in below and in the sidebar.

Where it shows keyword search volume, car, and competitor, you have to select one of those keywords.

Always remember to use those keywords which have high CTR, it gives your blog Authority to rank on search engine.

After selecting a perfect keyword related to your Niche, next step is to go to site liner.


2-Site liner-


Actually, it provides free and paid services, but you have to only use free services.

You have to paste your keyword on-site liner search result, after pasting your keyword you find more than 10 suggestion keyword.

Find 2 suggestion keyword which has high CTR and high volume ranking and know you have two keywords. Next step goes to Google trend.


3-Google trend-


Actually, it is a free tool of Google where you can find which keyword is in a trending topic.

And it also provides features where you can compare particular keyword and find which keyword has the best search result.

You have to compare your both keyword and find, which keyword has the best result; and you can use that keyword for your content writing.

So these are the two important point Niche and Keyword planning, where we find difficult, which start with how to?

I think you have got it that how to find the best Niche and keywords for your content.

Now have a look best free blogging platform blogger, which provide features, where you can write free blog content via lifetime hosting.


There are two types of blogging.


Fully blog CMS is a platform, where you can write unlimited word there is no limitation of the word. Freely writes how many words you want. Exp- (blogger, Weebly, WordPress )etc.

Microblogging it is a platform, where you can write only in limited word, which will be required by the blogging platform which you choose for your blog. exp-(Twitter, Tumblr, Quora)

I always recommend the new beginner to start their journey via free blogging platform blogger .com or

This is free of cost, where you can start your blog journey and build a confidence.

If you are a beginner and looking to find out or doing web-based research to find, which platform to use than without hesitation.

You can start your journey with or .you have to just sign up via Gmail id and go through via step by step and create a free blog.


Why do I suggest you start up with blogger?


If you want to move from entrepreneur blogger to professional blogger.

Then blogger is a best free blogging platform, where Nothing difficult to understand, means all things are done hand by example:-theme customization, create a page and many more,

But it is too easy to learn as an entrepreneur. Even it has great platform via a cool interface to work, No need for extra coding knowledge.

If you want to use third-party service, you can easily copy and paste in your HTML theme Header section or in the footer section.

You can create a type of niche blog not more than 100 blogs and Handel it from your one Google account.

Related Article-

How to create a blog on blogger

How to set up blogger setting


In this post, I have not compared any free blogging platform that, which content management system platform is good to start up.

Only just explain basic information of some best free blogging platform that makes it easy to understand.

Which platform is best according to your interest? Why one should use blogger platform.

And how to find the best niche for your blog to start up, according to your interest field.

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10 awesome tactic boost blog traffic with writing unique content like professional blogger

10 awesome tactic boost blog traffic with writing unique content like professional blogger

Howdy Are you a beginner and worried about how to boost blog traffic like a professional blogger and engage an audience to get close to your blog post and increase visits to your blog.

Then, First of all, you have to know what blogging is and why people are so passionate to write blog content.

Actually, we found many bloggers, who write content for any reason, some of them are passionate to write about their self, about their personal experience with some specific topic, some of them write content.

What they have learned and published their post to the public, some of them write their blog to provide a useful information to other entrepreneurs, who are looking to get useful information to start up.

We find many types of the blogger, who defines their carrier as a blogger and earn passive income via working from their home office by providing useful information and review about a particular product or service.


10 awesome tactic boost blog traffic with writing unique content like professional blogger




Tactic of writing content to boost blog traffic that makes your blog post get going viral


After understanding that what is blogging, it not means that writing content without any format and publishes it publicly and looks result to engage people in your blog post.

It seems to vanish post, yes, if want to be a professional blogger you have to improve your writing skill.

that how your blog content provide a information in the proper manner or it should be in H1, H2, H3 etc Heading, subheading and paragraph step by step.

Always remember that your blog content is a king of your site, whenever you write your content always be sure that you have written a unique post.

(Unique post does not mean that Wright different information from others) for the same niche.

It means that don’t copy others post, write your post in your own wording style.

That people can easily understand, what kind of information you have in your blog post.


Here are 10 tactics to write a unique blog post and boost blog traffic like a professional blogger.


Title tag:-


While writing a unique blog post don’t distract with your topic.

Know day many bloggers problem are they used multiple information and people avoid such blog.

Title tag plays a most important role to boost your blog post and make it viral on the internet.

If you want to be a professional blogger, you have to work on writing an attractive title tag

Which show what you have different from others blogger content.

Blogger first choice is to writing Attractive title tag example:-

(10 way to boost your blog post or, 10 best SEO tools to make visible your blog post in the search engine) etc.

Most of the user Attract visitor and boost blog traffic and get post viral, cause they use an attractive title.

Which attract visitor to visit their blog?

Your title must be related to your blog post, neglect using vanish post title.


Meta description


Meta Description also plays a major role to boost your blog post to go viral.

When someone user searches any keywords on search engine below title tag.

We saw some short note, blogger describing via providing an attractive short message about their blog.

Theses short message is called a Meta description, where you have to give a description note about your blog post.

Your Description should be not more than 150 characters, cause the search engine provide a meta description platform.

Were you can openly give an attractive description to your user, actually what informative information you have in your blog content?

Meta description provides the visitor a short note, where visitor easily understand what kind of information your blog belongs.

The short description also plays a major role to acknowledgment visitor to visit your blog is readable to read.

While writing a description always mentions your title keywords related to your blog content.


Words of content to boost blog traffic.


We have always heard that content is a king of your blog post, without content we can’t imagine to publish any blog post.

To be a professional blogger, first of all, you have to know, how to write content with the best readability?

Actually, when we saw professional blogger content, we find that they write content which is written in user-friendly behavior.

So while writing content always use user-friendly words like (you, we, yours, them, they) etc.

And intensive words like (cause, before, as well as, first of all, Furthermore, finally, so, due to, similarly) etc.

Because such friendly words make your content easy to understand for visitor and built a user-friendly relationship.

Always have passions to write long words content, cause its to make easy to rank your blog post on the search engine first-page result.

1500 plus words of content are more visible on the Search engine to optimize your blog post.


Keywords placement to boost blog traffic


Keyword placement is the best way to increase your visibility on the search engine to scroll down and index.

Search engine doesn’t know what type of content you have nor don’t look after that how useful information you have.

You can also say search engine have a blind purpose (Algorithm) where it found a way with using a thick stick (crawler).

When it starts on his way via using a blind stick (start to crawl the blog) how many types of stone (keywords).

Find on his way while kicking with his stick indexed it on his search console for listing.

So keyword placement is most important to identify your blog to boost blog traffic.

What type of keywords related information you have in your blog post to optimize in the search engine.

Before publishing your blog content you have to place your keyword in a Title tag, Meta description, and inside each paragraph.

To make a search engine to understand, what type of keyword related information your blog run.


Keyword selection to boost blog traffic


If you want to be a professional blogger and want to run your blog for a long time.

Then your keyword selection related to your Niche Play most important role to get going your blog post day by day.

While selecting your keyword to write a decent blog, first of all, you have to do some research to get perfect keyword?

To get ranking your blog post on the search engine first-page result.

There are many useful free tools (Google trend, keyword everywhere )etc and paid tools (Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, etc) to do research.

And get useful keywords related to your Niche site.

While doing research on keyword always use that keyword which has high volume, high CPC, and low competitor.

High volume means that how many visitors visit monthly for a particular keyword on search engine.

CPC means click per cost value of a  particular keyword.

And low competitor means that particular keyword doesn’t have too much information on the search engine.


Proper format image placement to boost blog traffic


Image shows the purpose of your content .what type of Niche content you have on your blog.

So, it is most important to identify your blog image to the search engine to crawl and index it to a listing.

While adding an image in your blog post, you have to look after image size, image format, Alt tag, and image quality.

Your image size should not be more than 95 kb or keep it below than 95 kb but don’t lose image quality.

Always use jpeg format image because it doesn’t impact on your website downloading speed.

PNG format image is also good to use, but it is a high-quality definition image, which has the large size to get a quality image.

The most important part you have to look after while adding your image to your blog.

You have to give an address with using Alt tag option to identify search engine to crawl your blog image.

You can use your Title tag, blog post address link, or permalink to image Alt tag option and give a particular address to your image.


Placement of Popular blog link to boost blog traffic


Linking a popular blogger blog post URL in your blog, with giving a link on the specific topic.

It makes your blog look automatically professional because whenever any visitor visits through that link to other blogger posts.

Your blog increase high-level Authority visitor find much more information in one place and trust to your site.

If you want to be a professional blogger you must have to do a smart research with finding popular blogger related to your niche.

Because when any visitor visits your blog his/her purpose is to get more information in one place.

So whenever you publish your blog always link some popular blogger blog post to your content.

Link building of popular blogger blog post helps you to provide your visitor with extra information.

And it makes your Audience to engage with your blog post and stay more time on your blog content.


Writing a Unique content to boost blog traffic.


Know days content is a king and have a great place on the internet if search any keyword on search engine.

We find plenty of websites which provides information for a particular keyword.

Therefore, if you want to stand on this huge internet world and want to find your website on the first-page result.

You have to be prepared for writing a unique content, and it should be more than 1500 plus words.

Yes, if you want to boost your blog and get high ranking on search engine, mostly you have to be ready to write long words content.

Always use those words, which are simply known by people or words those are user-friendly.

Avoid using irrelevant words, which don’t have any sense related to your content.

Best way to write a unique post is to provide descriptive information and describe it how easy or simple you can.


Doing Framework to boost blog traffic.


Here framework means (how to build a strategy to write a professional content step by step).

While writing content our first work should be Make a strategy that how your post would be written.

Using a Heading, Subheading, paragraph, Making Bold or italic some particular words and providing a link for extra information.

Well, we found many professional bloggers used a different tactic to write their content in proper manners.

But they plan and used the same strategy, step by step providing information with using separate heading to increase their readability.

Yes, readability is most important for any blogger to engage traffic on their blog post.

We find plenty of websites provides content for the same keyword but only some of the website only seen on the search engine first-page result.

Cause their content is too good but their readability is not user-friendly and that’s why visitor skips to another website.


Revision and preview, while publishing your blog post


This is the last step and very important for the beginner, that why one should need to revise and look after the post preview?

If, you are not a professional blogger and just started your carrier as a blogger or part-time blogger.

Your last step should be, have a look to your post preview, cause while writing a content we leave some small mistake.

A small mistake means, you forget using to bold or italic some important focus words.

In the preview, you can see, how your blog post looks on the website for your Audience.

Is your image has a great quality? For your Audience.

Does your blog post look user-friendly? Means heading, subheading, paragraph, and permalink are in the proper manner.

Once you clear that your blog post is looking suitable for an audience, and then you can publish your blog post.

Preview and revision is the best way to improve your content publishing skill.


More extra tips for beginner


While starting any type of project business, carrier. The most of the difficulties we face while startup.

Blogging is not a onetime performance to get a positive result for your hard work.

It welcomes with consistently hard work, with having a great passion, and with keeping patients as a result.

Actually blogging is a worldwide organization on the internet, where each and every user is equal to find and learn something.

With using a particular keyword research, related to product or services on the search engine.

So as a blogger you have to provide genuine information to your audience consumer/customer to get their belief.

Always be aware to write quality content not a quantity of content.

Cause, if you have quality in your content Audience finds your site useful to search then another website.

If you don’t have any quality of content then it is worthless that how many quantities of content you have on your website.

You can also read blog related post through given link below

How to write SEO friendly blog post for Blogger or WordPress


How we can grow the relationship and increase the audience on your blog site?



Avoid writing vanish blog post; understand your Audience need what kind of information they want from your blog.

Are you worried about how to know you Audience need, it’s very simple.

If your audience finds informative information from your blog, they will be in your touch with a good relationship.

With using a conversation option, which you provide for the audience in your blog like comment box, email chatting and call to action etc.

If you are engaged with the audience or getting comments via your Audience.

Then you are obviously providing a great content for your audience, and they are looking more from your blog.


Providing a platform, where the user can directly connect via using a call to action, email chatting, and comment box etc.

Where your Audience gets a conversation with you and solves their queries, doubt and write a comment.


Always be honest, while providing your blog post to your Audience be sure that your content is related to your Audience need.

Blogging is not a one-time audience support; you have to attract your Audience via providing informative information regularly.

Don’t provide vanish content to your Audience to maintain your blog quantity.

Weekly 2 or 3 blog post is good and enough to engage with your Audience to increase traffic to your website.


Always be faithful to your audience by replying to their comments on comment section box.

Your conversation with your Audience makes your blog to look professional and trustable.

If you are a beginner and just started your blog it will be not easy to engage Audience on your blog.

You have to forget about the audience, just post quality content weekly 2 or 3 posts via 1500 plus words are good to get going your blog.

Share and promote your blog content on social media with giving attractive short information, that what type of information you have in your blog.

After 2 or 3 months later you find that visitor is visiting and you are increasing traffic on your blog site.


Conclusion –


Here I have shared a post that how you can write blog posts content like a professional blogger and boost blog traffic on your blog.

I have mention 10 tactic and some useful information for a beginner, that how they can write a blog content that looks like a professional blogger.

And some informative information on how to behave and built a relationship with your audience.

And useful information to a beginner how they can start up and engage traffic on their blog site and boost blog traffic.

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Most important Setting for blogger how to do SEO blog for blogger |

Most important Setting for blogger how to do SEO blog for blogger |

Hello, everyone, I am here to share my new SEO blog post how to set up blogger setting for blogger, How to do SEO blog for blogger ||2018 to make visible your SEO blog or website on the first-page result in the search engine and embrace your ranking on google, yahoo, bing etc search engine.

Most important blogger Setting How to do SEO blog for a blogger to rank your blog in Search engine for blogger.

Most important Setting for blogger how to do SEO blog for blogger |

How to set up blogger setting or How to do SEO blog for a blogger on your blog for SEO.

We all know that SEO blog for a blogger is the most important portion to set up to rank your blog or website.
To make it visible to the search engine for optimizing an index to search engine listing.
Blogger setting has a platform where it provides all set in one place no need for extra work to get ranking your SEO blog or website.
It automatically crawls your post and web pages and index into google search list because blogger is a Google platform so it keeps you secure by https.

How to do SEO for blogger set up Basic setting 

To set up your blogger setting first open your SEO blog Dashboard and go to the blogger basic setting on your menu bar.
Here you find the basic setting just click on basic setting and enter or redirect to the new interface.and you get the option you have to set up on your basic setting.

How to do SEO blog for blogger Basic setting that you have to set up?

  • Title
  • Description
  • Privacy
  • Blog address
  • Https
  • Blog Author
  • Blog Reader

SEO blog for blogger Basic setting

In the title bar, you have to write Down your SEO blog post title.
You can edit or change your blog title whenever you need to change.



Here you can go to edit and write down your blog Description.
You can also change your blog description whenever you need to change or edit.

Your Description Must be related to your niche and relevant to the user.
Which type of information, ideas are you sharing with your blog post.


Privacy is Option where you have to click on yes option and click to save changes.
When you click on the yes option google get permission from your SEO blog to index your blog post on google listing.
To make it visible to google search engine to index your webpage or blog post.

Blog address:-

Blogger provides a platform where you can customize or make changes to your SEO blog.
URL or your blog Address any time whenever you want to change to customize.

You can also set up third-party domain name or URL  for your SEO blog on blogger and customize.
If you have the domain name or you are capable to buy Domain name for the website.

In the platform of blogger, it gives facility to buy a domain name and it also provides free unlimited lifetime Hosting.

You can Also buy the domain from third-party domain seller like GoDaddy, big rock etc.
To get Blogger hosting, set up Domain to blogger third-party URL for unlimited lifetime hosting.


Https(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a secure web address which provides a secure connection to search engine without getting any error.
So always click on yes option to secure your web page from getting an error and it is free on blogger platform.

Blog Author:-

Blogger provides an option where you can Add Author to your blog.

To give permission to other authors to handle your blog and post a guest post on your SEO blog.

Blogger reader

Blogger provides an option where you can Add reader who can read your SEO blog post you have a three option.

1:- you can publish your SEO blog to the public reader.
2:-you can save it private that only you can read.
3:-you can save it private and only read, that you select with your contact can read your post.

How to do SEO blog for a blogger to Set up Search preference?

Search preference is a most important setting for your blog post to make it visible to the crawler to crawl your web pages and index to search engine.


Error and Redirections 

1:-Custom page not found
2:-Custom redirect

Crawler and Indexing

1:-Google search console
2:-Custom robot text
3:-Header tags

How to do SEO for a blogger using Meta tags?


A meta tag is an option where we need to write Down our meta description of our related niches.

Your description should be only maximum 150 characters if you don’t know how to count characters.
you can use a Microsoft word to count your characters.

Error and Redirections:-


Error and redirection is a process where you can make a root to your error pages to new web pages.
1:-Custom page not found:- when your web page gets an error you can edit or set up your page.
2:-Custom redirect:-Here you can edit or set up your error web pages and link to the other web page.

How to do SEO blog for blogger setting Crawler and Indexing?


Crawler and indexing is a most important setting to do SEO blog for blogger.


Where you can enter the webmaster tool and Add your property that googles webmaster tool.

To easily crawl your web pages and index to listing to search engine.

How to do SEO blog for blogger submitting URL to Google search console?


When you go to edit on a google search console option.


It redirects to webmaster tool and here you have to add your property and you get an HTML coding.




 seo blog for blogger ,Google search console

You have to copy that coding and paste it into your header tags and save it and you have to go the webmaster tool and save.


How to do SEO blog for a blogger with adding Custom robot text?


custom robot text is a search engine process where you have to submit your sitemap.
That Google crawler can craw;l down your website pages and index into the search engine.
Most important Setting for blogger how to do SEO blog for blogger Custom robot text

you can also easily understand whenever you do some customization, editing pages or your SEO blog.


Upload new post-Google, crawl down your pages with the help of sitemap and get a location on your website.


How to do SEO blog for a blogger to generate site Map.


Open your browser and search for a  sitemap generator click on any sitemap generator free tool.
You can search here you can find many tools you have to go to sitemap generator and submit your website URL.

Automatically its generate a code you have to copy that code and paste it to your blog custom robot text setting and save it on your blog.

When you submit your custom robot text you have to also submit this code to webmaster tool.
You have to copy your sitemap code and go to the webmaster tool here you search for search console and open it.

when you open search console in right side menu bar go to the crawler and open it you will get submit sitemap option.
Open that sitemap option and go to the Add sitemap option and Paste your sitemap and save it.
you can also test your sitemap on testing and then again submit your sitemap and save it.

How to do SEO blog for a blogger with Header tags?


Header tag is a process where you have to allow or disallow.
what kind of pages you want to search engine crawl down and index it to the search engine.

you can also easily understand header tag is a process you can give an authority to search engine.
Crawl down that pages for which you allowed to crawl or give n permission to crawl.

Monetization:- monetization is a process where you have to add code about your Google AdSense unit code.
Which has provided by Google Adsense when you have to get Approval from to show google ads on your blog.

you can  also read


In this blog How to do SEO blog for a blogger to set up blogger setting on your blog for SEO.
I have mentioned all the blogger setting which is compulsory and important to rank any SEO blog on the search engine.
Meta tags Description, search console, custom robot text, and Header tags are the most important setting for search engine optimization.

Having any quires, doubt or suggestion please feel free to comment on our comment box.

If you feel relevant information please subscribe to our blog and stay connected with a new post update.
 For query or suggestion feel free to comment on comment section box
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 blog on blogger online free

Best Blogging for beginners platform free to use.

Hello, everyone, I am here to share my new blog post how to start blogging for beginners online free.

I am continuing my blog that how people are easily creating their blog on blogger.

Yes, Blogging for beginners blogger gives a platform to show your passion for writing with your blog post and share your knowledge and passion with the world.


 blog on blogger online free

How to create a blog on blogger online free or Blogging for beginners?

While starting as Blogging for beginners how to create a blog on blogger online free you have to first search on your browser.
Be ready to sign up with your new email id to get sign up to create a new blog.

When you sign up with your email id to create a blog on blogger online free on blogger.
Redirect to your new page to create or set your blog name after creating your blog name next option will be to set up your sub-domain URL.
https://xyz.blogspot .com.

We all know that there is not any free service to earn money in the world.
We have to work in others down hand rules to use their free services.
Google also provide us that kind of services, we have to work on his rules and guidelines with terms and condition.

Blogging for Beginners Types of the domain.

A URL Address from where you can control your website or blog and make customization about your need and full control of it.

Do what you want on your website or blog look like in resent.

There are two types of the domain to use for a website or blog for Blogging for beginners.

1-Subdomain: –
subdomain actually is a domain in which we get free to make our blog or website and earn money.
but we don’t have full power to control our blog or website.

Google provides us a subdomain with and many other websites provide a free subdomain
WordPress provide subdomain with there are too many websites on the internet which provides subdomains.

But most of blogger first choice is because it is google product and people believe on google.

Google doesn’t provide free service it takes a charge with some % of your revenue.

2-Custom domain:- 
A custom domain is a domain where you are the owner of your domain you can use it.
How you want to use there is no boundation or limitation no rules no guidelines.

you can post any website ads or product ads and make money online.
But it could not be free you have to pay for buying a domain name and hosting.

After creating your blog URL know you have to select a theme for your blog main page, you can use a free theme.
Which is provided by a blogger or you can customize the paid theme from the third party sites.

Once you selected your theme and save it, know you ready to post your blog.
But you need some setting and need to create a page for your blog home page and the Menu bar to give professional look.

How to make pages on blogger or how to Design blogger template?

When you complete creating a blog on blogger online free our next step is to create pages and design blogger templates 
1-First open your blog and find out the layout on the right side menu bar.

2- click on the layout and select the layout where you want to show your pages on your blog post the main page.

  When and where you want to show your own homepage header, footer or sidebar.
Your own choice but the best option is to select header because its look decent and the visitor can recognize your site easily.

4-when you select your layout to click on the add gadgets and search for create pages and add on your layout.
know your pages you create it will be seen in your blog on the main page.

5- Pages that you have to create which are compulsory for any blog or website.

Homepage ( default )

About us  (your self)

Contact us


Privacy policy


How to edit pages and design blogger template on blogger.


There are many websites which provide free services to make your pages and design blogger template with HTML coding.

When you have visited their website you have to follow their instruction by signing up with your email id and submitting your URL.
You have to give your basic information .they will provide you with HTML coding or other coding. ( to create pages.

When you get coding just copy it and open blog and go to your sidebar and search pages option.
When you open your pages you see your pages that you created on header like About us, contact us, privacy policy, etc.

For example downside you see edit,  view,  share and delete option.
you have to click on edit option and it will show you new page on the upside on title bar you see contact us.
Downside where we write a blog post there, you have to paste the HTML code that you copied and save it.
This is how to create pages for your home page on your blog and customize your homepage.
The menu bar and make it visible to a visitor that they easily recognize your site.
Design blogger template and theme on your blogger home page.

When you complete creating your pages on the side menu bar click on the theme you see to option customize and HTML.

You have to click on the customize option You find 4 option




1-Themes:-you have to select your own choice themes and customize it if you think necessary.

2- Background:- Background option you can change the background theme and select which theme you look suitable for the background.

3 –Advance:-you can change your body background color, title font color, title font size small or large.

Advance search for 

1-Header: –Here you can change the header background color, Title Font size small or large.

2- post- Here you can customize text color, title font size small or large.

3-comments:-Here you can customize your Header color and Author font Size.

4-Side- Here you can change or customize your sidebar background color, separate color, and profile name font and size.

Here you can change input font and your search bar.

6-sharing:- here you can change the search background color, sharing text font, and sharing text color.

4: -Gadgets: –you can customize your homepage gadgets like contact us, about us, privacy policy on your pages.

Blogging for beginners when you customized or design blogger templates themes you have to save changes.
If you don’t save changes to your themes will not be always save changes when you have properly customized your themes.

Why should use new email id?

While starting to create a blog on blogger online free you have to first create a new email id that you can easily get approved by Google Adsense.

When we do something genuine we get more process to complete the recommended task.
Google Ad sense is a Google platform and we can believe in it and his process is also tough to get approval.

Google Ad sense to make money with blogging free in blogger platform.

Once google accept your request and give the approval to show google ads on your blog post.
Then you get a great opportunity to make money online with your blog post.

Know days on the internet there are many websites which give you easy approval to show their ads on your blog post.
But their revenue is not too much enough according to Google Adsense .that why people first choice is to get approval by Google Adsense.


In this post, I have explained how to create a blog or blogging for beginners on blogger online free.
how to design blogger templates, customize your theme and homepage which are compulsory to any blog or website.
know we have to learn and understand about blogger setting and how it works for Blogging for beginners.
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