What is SEO and How it Works.

What is SEO and How it works?

Basically, Seo is known as optimizing a content which helps search engine to understand the purpose of that particular content.

Mostly we have seen that Most of the Seo expert has their own thought and well-done experiences year by year but the fact is SEO is very simple but took lots of time to give you the result.

So while doing SEO not means its one day game you have to keep patients to see SEO result on your site.

And the thing high-quality SEO means you have the fully optimized content to satisfie the search engine Algorithm and its crawler.

Here in this post, you will simply understand the basic concept of SEO and how it benefits you to get higher ranking on a search engine first-page result.

What is SEO and How it Works.

What is SEO in your content and How it works?


SEO is the fact that without doing SEO you cant satisfy the search engine the type of content you are providing to your Audience.

That’s why while writing content doesn’t mean your work is done you need to properly optimize your content, which stands for SEO friendly content.

Here SEO friendly content “Means” partition between paragraph and those partitions are divided and counter by the heading and subheading.

As we search for any keyword on the search engine and the result we get to see on the first-page result are fully SEO optimized content and some website lay down and could not see in the top 100 pages result.

Notable point – when optimizing your content into SEO friendly content you have to remember that how much long lengthy content you have, you can well optimize your content.

Cause to use heading or subheading to your content you need more words contents, which you can use minimum 1 heading and 3 to 5 subheading.

Actually, search engine focus on heading and subheading to understand the accurate purpose of that particular content.

Now we all know that What is SEO and how it is simple and easy but very important fact to rise any content in search engine search visibility.

Want to know more go through the link.

SEO Made Simple Step By Step Guide

What is SEO in content

What is Seo ? is a basic funda which helps to understand from a human being with visualisation content but Does Search engine crawler understand,

My answer will be No, cause Search engine is well organized to text-based Machine learning and visualisation content are human being learning concept.

And that’s why Many of SEO expert focus and provide information with their blog, vlog or through a webinar to their Audience.

That the content divided by the or you can say between Heading and subheading are more focusing content, which helps you to increase your search visibility and improve your bounce rate.

And such content is Seo optimized content and user experience friendly content.

What is SEO in images and How to optimize images?

There are several facts that your content should be SEO optimize content cause crawler crawl all features and material insight from your content.

That’s why just placing images in your content Doesn’t means your work is done for example when you search any keywords on google at the sperate space in that particular pages you will get to see a images directories.

Which have a web address for that particular image, “Means” if you placed an SEO optimized images in your content then your images should be seen in the search engine image directories for that particular main keyword.

To optimize images you need to compress your image size and keep it below than 100 kb and once you compress your images its time to Give an address to your images.

You have to copy your title and main keyword and paste it to your image Alt address bar. always remember whenever you give an Alt tag, you have to mention your main keyword in images attribute.

What is SEO in Keyword, How to optimize your content with keywords?

What is Seo in keywords

To optimize content that can be listed by the Search engine you need to keep the right placement of your keyword to empower your search visibility in the search engine.

Here keyword is a key point of your content, which help to properly keep understandable to the crawler to crawl your site content and make it visible to the user.

Whenever any user type keyword on Google search engine or other search engines like Bing, Yahoo etc, Search engine match the keyword related to your content and make it visible in his search directories.

So that’s the reason Why keyword placement is so important to empower your content ranking on search engine.

Here keyword placement “Means” the keyword which tells the search engine that what kind of keyword content you have to deliver to your user.

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3 step combination free keyword tool by Google Chrome to find rich keyword.

What is SEO in keyword placement?

During keyword placement we have to keep in mind your keyword should be in the right place “Means” Don’t place a keyword or stuff keyword in your content.

Your keyword must be user-friendly and have a look that your readability is good, Some times people stuff their keyword and lose their content readability.

May keyword placement help you to increase your content search visibility on the search engine but while stuffing lots of keyword in your content list you in black hat SEO.

Actually, Seo is measurable in three-part White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and Black hat SEO.

Want to know More check out this link. SEO Made Simple Step by Step Guide Mentioned in the upper paragraph.

If you want to get ranking you have to look to keep the right keyword density in your content.

Here keyword density means a keyword which are suggested to your main keywords and called as a sub keyword.

To get to know content keyword density then keyword everywhere is one of the best keyword tools to empower your content keyword density.

Want to know How to master your content keyword density, check out this suggested Article link and I am sure that you can understand the hidden truth.

Keyword everywhere free tool to master your content keyword Density

 What is SEO in Keyword everywhere density

That is the reason, Why the right keyword placement is so important to get your content visibility on search engine top 20-page result.

Actually, keyword placement is the simple strategy, Which we can do easily, No need to be a professional SEO expert.

let’s check it out.

While creating content.

1- First placement of your keyword should be in your title.

2- And your next step should be placing the keyword in your Heading and Sub Heading.

3- keep your main keyword in all paragraph,” Means” you can push 3 to 4 keyword to all separated Heading paragraph.

4-Place your main keyword in images Alt tag.

5- Improve your keyword density in your content, “Means you have to put keyword which is mostly getting searches in the search engine.

and those keywords are Which we used to write our content According to our Audience and Normally used to communicate in writing Attitude.

Exp – If you are travel blogger you can improve your keyword density in your content with placing sub keyword like- Mountain, Fun, Work out and in the etc.

There are plenty of keywords Which have High search volume and low competitor, and such keyword placement content is known as rich content.

There are plenty of simple words which is normally used by the visitor on search engine with targeting their main keyword to find the result and solution on the search engine.

keyword density is the most important part, While we learn about what is SEO in Digital marketing and How it benefits to empower your search visibility on search engine.

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And that is the reason why, when we check out any content, keyword density from the first-page result, We find lots of sub keyword with high search volume in their content.

Which make a sense and make easy to understand by the crawler to crawl your content and index it in the right place, and make it visible.

While any visitor search for keyword or sub keyword related to your content on the search engine.

What is SEO in websites?

What is seo in website

In my opinion, SEO on the website is the hidden features of on page SEO and off page SEO, and both have the same impact to empower your website ranking.

But both have a different effect, where On page SEO is the insight structure of the whole website and too friendly with search engine Algorithm and in the rare case you get the penalty with drop down your ranking.

“Means” On page SEO also bad effect to get penalized with the search engine, While having a copy wright content in your Site, Copyright images and stuffing the main keyword in your content etc.

But On page SEO is a genuine way to keep your content on Google search engine or other search engines like Bing and Yahoo etc top 20-page result.

Cause of Huge competitor it took a long time 3 to 6 month even year depends on the competition for that particular keyword to see your On-page SEO benefits.

But with Doing off page SEO Like – Creating Backlink, Guest blogging, Social sharing, Bookmarking, Directories submission, and Web 2.0 submission etc.

Make easy to get a fast result to see your website on search engine top 20 lists.

Actually, off page SEO help as a mediator.

It provides a signal to the crawler that your content has the quality and uniqueness and loved by the Audience.

And keep content updated to get crawler busy on your website.

But off page SEO also have the bad effect which may cause to get penalized by the search engine Algorithm.

“Means” While creating Backlink from paid Sources or getting a backlink from unusual spamming websites, involving paid visitor on your site to visit, Having a paid traffic from Social sites etc.

Actually, there are plenty of off page SEO which may increase your search ranking and Also May let down your search ranking from the search engine list as a penalized website.

So While doing On page and off page SEO Keep your website spamming free and get the genuine way to do on page SEO and off page SEO.

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In this post, I have mentioned My opinion thaught related to What is SEO and How one can increase their search rankings and empower their website search visibility on search engine top 20 lists.

And you can also get the basic information about on-page SEO and off page SEO in Short Description.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on comment section box.

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How long Does it take to rank website on search engine

Website |How long Does new website take to rank on search engine .

This is a Question which every website owner, beginner or entrepreneur look around for to judge search engine Algorithm.

How would search engine react while indexing your particular page and how much time a new website takes to rank on the search engine?

If I say its myth that no one knows how Google search engine or other search engine ranks any website or blog to get organic traffic from search engine.

But we still judge Search engine Algorithm that it gives a priority to DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) which make sense of ranking factor. How long Does it take to rank website on search engine

What is the Myth of the website to rank on the search engine?

  1. Search engine ranking factor DA (Domain Authority)
  2. Search engine ranking Fact of PA (Page Authority)

Mostly we can figure out that new websites ranking get impact from Backlinks.

Yes, High Authority backlinks can make your websites ranking better on the search engine. But it is not sure that creating backlinks can rank your websites on the search engine first-page result.

Note (Best and easy method to rank on the first-page result in a fast way then you have to use a search engine Ad network and run a campaign)

Ranking through Keyword

Do you think that ranking through keyword can rank your website on the first-page result?

My answer is yes, you can rank your website within a year on the Search engine first page or less than in a year. But it not still easy to do and not impossible that you can’t do it.

Here are the explanation and method that how you can rank on search engine. But for that, you need patience and clear about 2 Myth of search engine ranking.

  • Within a 6 month or year you can rank on the search result.
  • Within a 2 to 4 week, you can rank on the first-page result.

It all depends on keyword selection and their placement, that you choose or select keyword to rank on Search engine result. Here what I mean to say, Let’s start with,

First Myth- Targeting low competitor keyword

Choose or target a keyword that has no competitor or low competitor on monthly search volume. And such kinds of keyword ranking improve in search engine top result within a 2 or 4 week.

But such kind of keyword ranking doesn’t provide any type of Authority just you can get the satisfaction that you are ranking on the first page result.

Second Myth- Targeting high competitor keyword.

If you are looking to target any keyword which has a high competitor and high search volume.

Then you have to keep a patience to see your result on the search engine first result it may take 6 months to between 2 years.

It depends on your content and on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Because such competitor keyword brings high Authority to your site. If you’re looking to get going your site through earning sources.

Like -Affiliate marketing and ad network etc or your own product to sell, then such kind of keyword become more beneficial for your sites.

And to get ranking on the search engine first-page result for a particular keyword you have to build your site Authority. Like – DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

How to build a DA and PA for your sites?

There are two types of method to build a DA and PA for your sites.

1- You can work hard and Write a great content via targeting particular Keyword, Doing On page SEO and off page SEO (like Social shares) and attract visitor or Audience to visit your sites through your unique content.

2- You can use third-party support Like (Putting email to the competitor for Backlink) or you can say convince other high authority competitors to provide or give a link of your web page on their sites.

Note-able – After getting backlink also you have to do on page and off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here backlink also means off page or you can say it also comes in off page SEO.

The fact of Search engine result –

Actually, we don’t know the real fact of Search engine that how it works to rank any web page or Websites on the search result.

But we can understand that it always ranks those websites which have some unique quality and details information for a particular keyword.

For the user who is searching for best result on search engine via targeting particular keywords.

Does the search engine take 6 months to between 2 years for every keyword to rank? No, once you build a brand or you may say DA and PA Authority for your websites.

Within a 2 week or 4 weeks you can rank your website blog post on the search engine. Actually, it takes time to rank on the search engine if you have newly website and want it to make a brand.

And that s why most of the professional blogger, Business Analysis, and Digital Marketing Analysis always recommended or give a suggestion to keep patience and improve your website performance.

All result will start in your favors once you start listing on the search engine first-page result.

Does Social Shares impact on search engine ranking?

This is the most genuine fact that social share doesn’t impact on search engine ranking.

but it still has the power to give a signal or you can say show the path to search engine this content has the quality to improve in listing on search engine ranking.

But on the Social share, you have to find out your own Audience related to your product or services to share.

If you don’t target your Audience on social share and share as it is .it may be harmful to your site’s cause of having a bounce rate.

And this is the most common issues which are faced by newbie and looking to increase visitor on their sites.


In this post, I have much more listed the fact that I thought to rank on Search engine. But in Some cases may be I wrong for the Myth of search engine ranking.

Actually, nobody knows that how exactly search engine Algorithm work to rank any websites.

But according to some Digital marketer scientist and research Analysis, the fact of search engine ranking Depends on Detail and brief content for a particular keyword.

For any Query or suggestion feel free to comment on comment section box. And let me know the other fact of Search engine ranking.

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latest Top 7 list of social media to boost your blog content

latest Top 7 list of social media sites to boost your blog content

While we start to talk about the top 7 list of social media services, we find plenty of social media service providers on the worldwide internet.

But some are reasonable to use but some of the social sites are popular in their own country.

And some of the social sites are known in the worldwide network, here in this post I have Mention Top7 list of social media via an active user.

According to a statistic in the top 7 list of social media, those social media platforms are listed, which has accumulated more user and visitor and engage traffic.

Now social media is one the best Business promoting platform, where every business need is to promote their product and services and target audience locally or globally.

Here are the top 7 list of social media and find out which will be the best platform for your business growth with targeting active user have a look.


latest Top 7 list of social media to boost your blog content


List of Social Media via the Active user

Facebook –

Back in 2003 was the starting period of Social Media activities and people were not Aware and active to how to connect via each other.

But an idea of Harvard University, student Mark Zuckerberg to connect people in one platform make a resolution .that bring social media to accumulate user in one place.

24th February 2004, when Facebook was launched and it welcome via social sharing platform.

It provides a platform were first people started with connecting each other with social sharing after people started to tell about their business.

Product and service with self-promoting and now, Facebook has become a most efficient way to advertise business product and service online through Facebook advertisement.

But you are trying to promote your business through Facebook your product and service should be related to the targeted group of 25 plus.

because facebook is losing to attract age group of 14 to 24 plus and those user is attracting to use another social site like Instagram and Snapchat etc.

Worldwide approximately 2.23 billion monthly active users are on Facebook.
And more than 1 billion users are active on facebook per day via sharing their activities.

January 2018 statistics show that First place of the Facebook user is from India 270 million and second place is held by the united state (U.S) 210 million active users.


YouTube provides worldwide video-sharing network service, where the user shares the variety of user-generated video and corporate industry, social industries, Movie industry are engage with this platform.

And user engages with watching other user-generated video content, video clip, Education tutorial, Discovery, Science and technology and etc.

It is Social media video sharing platform, which accumulates 1900 million Active users and leads the second place in the top 7 list of Social Media on the world wild social networking services platform.

Large and small business marketer eyes are on such video content sharing platform google provide a platform .where user can promote their product and service through Google ad.

but some of the business marketers promote through targeting a particular channel to promote their product and services.

YouTube was founded by pay pal employer chat Harish Steven, Chad Hurley, and Javed and launched on February 14, 2005, more than 13 years ago.

And youtube was owned by Google Inc in  November 2006 at $1.65 billion.

The only US alone has 62% active user and 80% user are from outside other countries.

Youtube is a best social networking platform, which provides a wider range of business scope to promote your brand.

Mostly it is useful for every business brand, product, and services but it is the best platform for female product and services or educational services.

Cause most of the active user are Females and student were they are engaged with watching fashion review, cooking, beautician and else related to the home product.

And a student engages with watching an educational tutorial, tech-related tutorial, games etc.

Whats app-

Whats app is social media messaging cross-platform, where the user registers with the mobile phone number, with two-step verification.

It is known as social media services, where the user engages via sharing images, audio calling, video calling, images, GIF videos clips and other etc.

It also provides a platform, where the user can share their location with others while visiting social activities, events and many more else.

Whats App operating system is available in IOS and Android Window phone 8 and Window 10 mobile.

What’s App is grown with providing a service in multiple countries for an effective user and was Initial release in January 2009 and founded on February 24, 2009.

And situated in Mountain View California United state and was founded by Jan koum and Brian Acton and created by Whats App Inc.

In February 2014 Whats app Acquired by Facebook for $19. 3 billion and the report on January 2007 active user were across to 1.5 million.

And in January 2018 Whats app welcome with new feature application WhatsApp business and September 2018 WhatsApp introduce via Audio and video calling feature for a group.

According to the report on February 2018, What’s App active user was across 1.5 billion users.

Which is great improvement according to 2014, active user was just 450 million monthly and daily active user were 315 million.

Whatsapp is grownup in a wide range on the worldwide internet and largest application is used and shared by Saudi Arabia.

And it provides his services in the world across to 109 countries.

According to satista, WhatsApp leads with third place in top 7 list of social media on the worldwide internet.

It is a cross-platform, not a publishing platform, here you have to create your own business group and build a campaign.

Whatsapp doesn’t provide any platform for ad promotion, you have to manage your own customer and encourage them to share your business profile and encourage others to join your business group.

Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is the product of google initial release on August 2011 and it is an instant messaging and chatting platform.

It provides an app based and web-based facility were user can redirect from facebook dashboard to facebook messenger dashboard.

It provides an operating system web, Android, iOS, Windows, I Phones and also known for providing an instant messaging system.

like to similar other social media publishing platform and also support audio and video calling with instant messaging, chatting sharing, sending audio files etc.

According to Satista the Facebook messenger active user is 1300 million in July 2018 report and lead with 4th place on the worldwide internet.

It is a chatting a sharing and instant messaging platform and it some features are similar to other cross platforms.

Here you can create a business with creating and targeting group and invite to other join your group and share and chat about your product and services.

And promote your business product and services and communicate about your business via other users.

We chat-

We chat is one of the most popular app-based instant messaging platforms and had a great popularity in social media networking services.

we chat was Initial release on January 21, 2011, and developed by Tencent Holding limited.

And it some features are similar to other cross social media platform but it is popular for his multiple features.

Some of those features make it popular in China because some of the features billing payment wallet via mobile payment facilities.

And these facilities are available for Chinese card holder, only for China country.

It is a Chinese multimedia social media app-based services, and it provides facilities to their user to use this app.

For messaging, social media, text messaging and mobile payment and many other social service facilities.

And it operating system is ios, Macs, and Android.

WeChat Active user is across to 1.5 million monthly users and this is a great achievement according to 2014 active user was just for 15 million monthly active users.

It is a cross-platform text messaging and media sharing and instant messaging platform, developer Tencent Holdings Limited and initial in January, 21,2001.

It also provides a feature, where a user can create a multiple account personal account and business account.

Mostly We Chat User comes from Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US according to Mau consultancy China.

And in China 83 % of China population use WeChat and user jump to 93%.

According to the top 7 list of social media, Wechat leads with 4th place in the worldwide internet with 1,040 million Active users.

It is a chatting a sharing and instant messaging platform and it some features are similar to other cross-platform.

Here you can create a business with creating and targeting group and invite to other join your group and share and chat about your product and services.

And promote your business product and services and communicate about your business via other users.

It is same useful like other cross-platform.


Nowadays Instagram accumulated his network with the active user between 14 to 24, and monthly active user almost reaches to 1000 million.

Which is one great achievement in social Media industries?

It is a most loveable platform for the teenager and younger, where the user is active with updating their daily activities and sharing and transferring profile and Messages.

In Instagram, most are the user share their tour and travel activities and it is also the most lovable platform by the celebrities.

Mostly the users are from U.S and India, Where they share their upcoming and ongoing event.

And promote their profile with a daily update and engage active user as followers self.

Where targeted Audience converts into Followers. You don’t need to target your audience if you are self-promoting your business profile.

You have to just accumulate user with your attracting description and with your business profile.

Instagram provides a platform to the business marketer to promote their business product and service through ads promotion.

According to staista, which is one of the best social Media statistic provider service on July 2018 Instagram touch to 1300 million active users.

It was Initial released on October 6, 2010, and developed by Facebook.launched in India and after it launching it rapidly fire in popularity and accumulate online register 10 million active users in only two months.

Which is the great Achievement for any social media networking service?
Now the Instagram active user is approximately 1000 million.

After launching Instagram Near about 8 years ago Instagram active user are more seen from state Andhra Pradesh (India) which touch 1 million active users.

Most Instagram users are from the USA and lead the first place with 120 million active users and in India 67 million active users.

If your product and services is a related target at the age group of 14 to 28 than Instagram is a great platform to target your Audience and promote your business brand locally or globally.

Now According to the active user, Instagram is in 6th position in the social media platform in the top 7 list of social media active user on the worldwide internet.

Tencent QQ-

Tencent QQ is also known as QQ one of the highest performing app in China and it is an instant messaging software service, It is known for the variety of feature social media platform.

Where it provides a service on social, games, group, and voice chat microblogging.

which are similar in some ways to (Reddit and Twitter) and also provide a feature of music, shopping and group chat, and Voice chat.

It was launched in February 1999 with cross-platform and developed by Shenzhen Tencent computer system co, Ltd.

And it is available in 7 languages Chinese, English, French, Japanese and Laotian.

According to Alexa ranking, it is the worldwide 7th most visited website and active user are approximately 806 million.

It provides a platform where user engages with Social networking gaming it is a type of online game.

Which is played through social network and mostly user is from Chinese.

We chat and QQ even both are same company services but mostly user feel more relevant to we chat.

Because we chat is known as for great features and it provides a plenty of features to their user.

It leads the 7th place on top 7 list of social media and it active user are approximately 806 million.

Continue reading- 15 Powerful Social media platform to Target your Audience for Affiliate marketing and Brand Awareness


In this Article, I have mentioned the latest top 7 list of social media with an active user according to Satista July 2018 report, which is one of the best social media statistics provider.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on comment section box

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10 awesome tactic boost blog traffic with writing unique content like professional blogger

10 awesome tactic boost blog traffic with writing unique content like professional blogger

Howdy Are you a beginner and worried about how to boost blog traffic like a professional blogger and engage an audience to get close to your blog post and increase visits to your blog.

Then, First of all, you have to know what blogging is and why people are so passionate to write blog content.

Actually, we found many bloggers, who write content for any reason, some of them are passionate to write about their self, about their personal experience with some specific topic, some of them write content.

What they have learned and published their post to the public, some of them write their blog to provide a useful information to other entrepreneurs, who are looking to get useful information to start up.

We find many types of the blogger, who defines their carrier as a blogger and earn passive income via working from their home office by providing useful information and review about a particular product or service.


10 awesome tactic boost blog traffic with writing unique content like professional blogger




Tactic of writing content to boost blog traffic that makes your blog post get going viral


After understanding that what is blogging, it not means that writing content without any format and publishes it publicly and looks result to engage people in your blog post.

It seems to vanish post, yes, if want to be a professional blogger you have to improve your writing skill.

that how your blog content provide a information in the proper manner or it should be in H1, H2, H3 etc Heading, subheading and paragraph step by step.

Always remember that your blog content is a king of your site, whenever you write your content always be sure that you have written a unique post.

(Unique post does not mean that Wright different information from others) for the same niche.

It means that don’t copy others post, write your post in your own wording style.

That people can easily understand, what kind of information you have in your blog post.


Here are 10 tactics to write a unique blog post and boost blog traffic like a professional blogger.


Title tag:-


While writing a unique blog post don’t distract with your topic.

Know day many bloggers problem are they used multiple information and people avoid such blog.

Title tag plays a most important role to boost your blog post and make it viral on the internet.

If you want to be a professional blogger, you have to work on writing an attractive title tag

Which show what you have different from others blogger content.

Blogger first choice is to writing Attractive title tag example:-

(10 way to boost your blog post or, 10 best SEO tools to make visible your blog post in the search engine) etc.

Most of the user Attract visitor and boost blog traffic and get post viral, cause they use an attractive title.

Which attract visitor to visit their blog?

Your title must be related to your blog post, neglect using vanish post title.


Meta description


Meta Description also plays a major role to boost your blog post to go viral.

When someone user searches any keywords on search engine below title tag.

We saw some short note, blogger describing via providing an attractive short message about their blog.

Theses short message is called a Meta description, where you have to give a description note about your blog post.

Your Description should be not more than 150 characters, cause the search engine provide a meta description platform.

Were you can openly give an attractive description to your user, actually what informative information you have in your blog content?

Meta description provides the visitor a short note, where visitor easily understand what kind of information your blog belongs.

The short description also plays a major role to acknowledgment visitor to visit your blog is readable to read.

While writing a description always mentions your title keywords related to your blog content.


Words of content to boost blog traffic.


We have always heard that content is a king of your blog post, without content we can’t imagine to publish any blog post.

To be a professional blogger, first of all, you have to know, how to write content with the best readability?

Actually, when we saw professional blogger content, we find that they write content which is written in user-friendly behavior.

So while writing content always use user-friendly words like (you, we, yours, them, they) etc.

And intensive words like (cause, before, as well as, first of all, Furthermore, finally, so, due to, similarly) etc.

Because such friendly words make your content easy to understand for visitor and built a user-friendly relationship.

Always have passions to write long words content, cause its to make easy to rank your blog post on the search engine first-page result.

1500 plus words of content are more visible on the Search engine to optimize your blog post.


Keywords placement to boost blog traffic


Keyword placement is the best way to increase your visibility on the search engine to scroll down and index.

Search engine doesn’t know what type of content you have nor don’t look after that how useful information you have.

You can also say search engine have a blind purpose (Algorithm) where it found a way with using a thick stick (crawler).

When it starts on his way via using a blind stick (start to crawl the blog) how many types of stone (keywords).

Find on his way while kicking with his stick indexed it on his search console for listing.

So keyword placement is most important to identify your blog to boost blog traffic.

What type of keywords related information you have in your blog post to optimize in the search engine.

Before publishing your blog content you have to place your keyword in a Title tag, Meta description, and inside each paragraph.

To make a search engine to understand, what type of keyword related information your blog run.


Keyword selection to boost blog traffic


If you want to be a professional blogger and want to run your blog for a long time.

Then your keyword selection related to your Niche Play most important role to get going your blog post day by day.

While selecting your keyword to write a decent blog, first of all, you have to do some research to get perfect keyword?

To get ranking your blog post on the search engine first-page result.

There are many useful free tools (Google trend, keyword everywhere )etc and paid tools (Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, etc) to do research.

And get useful keywords related to your Niche site.

While doing research on keyword always use that keyword which has high volume, high CPC, and low competitor.

High volume means that how many visitors visit monthly for a particular keyword on search engine.

CPC means click per cost value of a  particular keyword.

And low competitor means that particular keyword doesn’t have too much information on the search engine.


Proper format image placement to boost blog traffic


Image shows the purpose of your content .what type of Niche content you have on your blog.

So, it is most important to identify your blog image to the search engine to crawl and index it to a listing.

While adding an image in your blog post, you have to look after image size, image format, Alt tag, and image quality.

Your image size should not be more than 95 kb or keep it below than 95 kb but don’t lose image quality.

Always use jpeg format image because it doesn’t impact on your website downloading speed.

PNG format image is also good to use, but it is a high-quality definition image, which has the large size to get a quality image.

The most important part you have to look after while adding your image to your blog.

You have to give an address with using Alt tag option to identify search engine to crawl your blog image.

You can use your Title tag, blog post address link, or permalink to image Alt tag option and give a particular address to your image.


Placement of Popular blog link to boost blog traffic


Linking a popular blogger blog post URL in your blog, with giving a link on the specific topic.

It makes your blog look automatically professional because whenever any visitor visits through that link to other blogger posts.

Your blog increase high-level Authority visitor find much more information in one place and trust to your site.

If you want to be a professional blogger you must have to do a smart research with finding popular blogger related to your niche.

Because when any visitor visits your blog his/her purpose is to get more information in one place.

So whenever you publish your blog always link some popular blogger blog post to your content.

Link building of popular blogger blog post helps you to provide your visitor with extra information.

And it makes your Audience to engage with your blog post and stay more time on your blog content.


Writing a Unique content to boost blog traffic.


Know days content is a king and have a great place on the internet if search any keyword on search engine.

We find plenty of websites which provides information for a particular keyword.

Therefore, if you want to stand on this huge internet world and want to find your website on the first-page result.

You have to be prepared for writing a unique content, and it should be more than 1500 plus words.

Yes, if you want to boost your blog and get high ranking on search engine, mostly you have to be ready to write long words content.

Always use those words, which are simply known by people or words those are user-friendly.

Avoid using irrelevant words, which don’t have any sense related to your content.

Best way to write a unique post is to provide descriptive information and describe it how easy or simple you can.


Doing Framework to boost blog traffic.


Here framework means (how to build a strategy to write a professional content step by step).

While writing content our first work should be Make a strategy that how your post would be written.

Using a Heading, Subheading, paragraph, Making Bold or italic some particular words and providing a link for extra information.

Well, we found many professional bloggers used a different tactic to write their content in proper manners.

But they plan and used the same strategy, step by step providing information with using separate heading to increase their readability.

Yes, readability is most important for any blogger to engage traffic on their blog post.

We find plenty of websites provides content for the same keyword but only some of the website only seen on the search engine first-page result.

Cause their content is too good but their readability is not user-friendly and that’s why visitor skips to another website.


Revision and preview, while publishing your blog post


This is the last step and very important for the beginner, that why one should need to revise and look after the post preview?

If, you are not a professional blogger and just started your carrier as a blogger or part-time blogger.

Your last step should be, have a look to your post preview, cause while writing a content we leave some small mistake.

A small mistake means, you forget using to bold or italic some important focus words.

In the preview, you can see, how your blog post looks on the website for your Audience.

Is your image has a great quality? For your Audience.

Does your blog post look user-friendly? Means heading, subheading, paragraph, and permalink are in the proper manner.

Once you clear that your blog post is looking suitable for an audience, and then you can publish your blog post.

Preview and revision is the best way to improve your content publishing skill.


More extra tips for beginner


While starting any type of project business, carrier. The most of the difficulties we face while startup.

Blogging is not a onetime performance to get a positive result for your hard work.

It welcomes with consistently hard work, with having a great passion, and with keeping patients as a result.

Actually blogging is a worldwide organization on the internet, where each and every user is equal to find and learn something.

With using a particular keyword research, related to product or services on the search engine.

So as a blogger you have to provide genuine information to your audience consumer/customer to get their belief.

Always be aware to write quality content not a quantity of content.

Cause, if you have quality in your content Audience finds your site useful to search then another website.

If you don’t have any quality of content then it is worthless that how many quantities of content you have on your website.

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How we can grow the relationship and increase the audience on your blog site?



Avoid writing vanish blog post; understand your Audience need what kind of information they want from your blog.

Are you worried about how to know you Audience need, it’s very simple.

If your audience finds informative information from your blog, they will be in your touch with a good relationship.

With using a conversation option, which you provide for the audience in your blog like comment box, email chatting and call to action etc.

If you are engaged with the audience or getting comments via your Audience.

Then you are obviously providing a great content for your audience, and they are looking more from your blog.


Providing a platform, where the user can directly connect via using a call to action, email chatting, and comment box etc.

Where your Audience gets a conversation with you and solves their queries, doubt and write a comment.


Always be honest, while providing your blog post to your Audience be sure that your content is related to your Audience need.

Blogging is not a one-time audience support; you have to attract your Audience via providing informative information regularly.

Don’t provide vanish content to your Audience to maintain your blog quantity.

Weekly 2 or 3 blog post is good and enough to engage with your Audience to increase traffic to your website.


Always be faithful to your audience by replying to their comments on comment section box.

Your conversation with your Audience makes your blog to look professional and trustable.

If you are a beginner and just started your blog it will be not easy to engage Audience on your blog.

You have to forget about the audience, just post quality content weekly 2 or 3 posts via 1500 plus words are good to get going your blog.

Share and promote your blog content on social media with giving attractive short information, that what type of information you have in your blog.

After 2 or 3 months later you find that visitor is visiting and you are increasing traffic on your blog site.


Conclusion –


Here I have shared a post that how you can write blog posts content like a professional blogger and boost blog traffic on your blog.

I have mention 10 tactic and some useful information for a beginner, that how they can write a blog content that looks like a professional blogger.

And some informative information on how to behave and built a relationship with your audience.

And useful information to a beginner how they can start up and engage traffic on their blog site and boost blog traffic.

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