content marketing plan

What is content in marketing and it impact? simple Method to understand

The question of what is content in marketing describe the importance of content and why one should be serious about writing content.

Most frequently asked question what is content in Marketing Through beginner or entrepreneur.

Actually, we have always heard about content is a king. Does it is real Quiz that content impact on your business?

My answer will be yes,” because content engages your audience faith that they can use your business product and services and always be in touch via your business profile.

Only writing content alone not provide a good marketing for business product or services improvement there are more efficient which impact to grow your business.

Means -you have many works to do via your content like – keyword placement, marketing, your content, and images etc.

Because via your content you have to do marketing via on page and off page on this digital marketing world and via else factor.

Let’s have a look.

content marketing plan

What is content in marketing plan while creating content for marketing?

According to marketing, we have to Understand 10 plans that should be perfect to deliver your business product services content into the marketing.

< Plan – What is content in Marketing via keywords?


< Plan – What is content in Marketing via SEO?


Plan – What is content in Marketing via content?


< Plan – What is content in Marketing via Audience?


< Plan – What is content in Marketing via Images?


Plan – What is content in Marketing via Guest post?


< Plan – What is content in Marketing via videos?


< Plan – What is content in Marketing via Social media?


Plan – What is content in Marketing via blog?


< Plan – What is content in Marketing via landing Pages?


Let’s have look each plan that How it impact to your content marketing for your business product and services.

1-What is content in marketing via keyword?

While creating or you can say writing a content the most important role played by keyword.

Yes, it is true via targeting a relevant keyword you can empower your business Product and Services directly to your Audience through the Search engine.

It does not matter which type of your content is. It may be Blog, Video content or any Business content.

Actually, it depends on your business how you want to connect via your audience via introducing your brand.

In both cases as a blog or video, content keyword provides a priority to improve your search engine ranking via targeting a particular keyword.

That’s why most of the business brand empowers their search engine ranking through targeting specific and particular keyword for each content.

How to find the best keyword related to your business product or services?

On the Digital Marketing world or you can say in the internet world we find plenty of Services which provide a flexibility to find or target relevant keyword for your product or services.

Where some of the services provide a free keyword tool and some of providing paid services.

But here I am introducing the free keyword tool which is chrome extension which is known as a keyword everywhere.

How to use free keyword tool keyword everywhere?

To use this keyword tool you have to simply install this tool and set up as a chrome extension.
Once you set up your setting.

Whenever you type any keyword on search bar it shows the full detail of particular keyword and suggestion keyword search volume, CPC and competitor result.

And at the downside, you see the suggested result of the running website for that particular keyword.

Also, read- 15 Best free keyword research tool

what is content in marketing

But to get the accurate result of the running website for that particular keyword you have to separate your keyword via comma (“—-“) and then search again on the search bar.

what is content in marketing

2-What is content marketing via SEO (Search engine optimization)?

content marketing strategy
Content marketing best and important part is SEO which makes your content on the search result list.

While creating or writing content you should improve your content via SEO like -Doing on page and off page SEO.

On page, SEO Manage your content Density of keyword and off page SEO Bring your Site Authority Like- DA-Domain Authority and PA-Page Authority.

While doing off page SEO you can bring Audience or you can say a visitor from other off-site sources like Backlink.

Backlink Do follow and No follow link

Do follow link provide an Authority of other brand websites that your website has the quality content on your site and bring the visitor to your Website through backlink.

But in some Cases Do follow link bad effect on the brand website from where you have backlink because some backlink converts into a broken link.

And such broken link effect on brand website page speed and search engine ranking that why most of the brand website provide backlink via No follow link like Wikipedia.

No follow backlink has the quality that doesn’t impact any issues on the brand website.

And mostly brand website always provides a no-follow backlink to other websites.

Or you can Say No follow backlink only provide Authority to your website to attract search engine crawler to identify that you have the quality of backlink from High DA and PA Websites.

Is it possible to rank Without Backlink?

Yes, you can because Back link only provides a path to get a visitor from other brand website and engage more traffic and improve your search ranking.

But there are more than 200 factors which impact to search engine while crawling your website content.

We have seen that there are plenty of which have search ranking on search engine first-page result.

So that why more of the professional blogger or SEO Analysis Suggest to improve your content Quality and on page SEO.

You can rank your website through Doing on page and off page SEO without any backlink and improve your DA and PA.

3-What is content Marketing via Content?


content marketing

This is a Question which Flip in your mind, that just only writing content does not mean that your work is done to rank your content on the search engine.

While publishing your content you must be clear about your content that it has the Quality content which attracts your Audience via your business profile.

Your content must be user-friendly which attract your visitor and engage your Audience to keep stay for a long time.

And understand that what type of business product and services you offer to your Audience.
Your content must have the Sense that search engine Algorithm can understand or crawl your keyword density.

Like using a keyword in each and every paragraph, Heading, Description, Tag, and Meta Description etc.

Also, read  Best blogging platform to create content for marketing.

Providing Such of keyword density it makes sense that actually which type of keyword content you have on your content.

And such content creates a user-friendly path via using the proper manner of H1, H2, and H3 etc to separate your paragraph.

But before you publish or do content marketing you have to attract search engine crawler to index your website on search engine list for the particular keyword.

Actually, you have to start your content marketing via the Search engine to crawl your website.
And how search engine Algorithm reacts to your Content.

Means does it meet search engine community guideline? Or Does your content has the SEO friendly Post? etc.

How much time Does Search engine take to rank your website on the Search engine?

Mostly if you have High DA and PA backlink you can improve your search engine ranking within 8 to 12 Weeks.

But without backlink, it may take more than 6 months to rank any new website.

In some cases, it depends on which type of keyword content you are running on your website.

Must read How much time search engine take to rank any content on the search result. 

4-What is content in marketing via Audience?

Content marketing via Audiense
This is a most beneficial part to engage Audience to your site.

While marketing or you can say publishing your content to your Audience you have to find your targeted Audience.

Who are those Audiences, Where you can get and engage to your audience According to your business product or services?

Actually, it is not a magical concept to find exact location and platform to get relevant and genuine Audience on your business profile.

While marketing your content to your Audience you have to define which social sharing platform will be good to find relevant genuine Audience.

But while delivering your content to your Audience through social shares you have to remember that your content has the priority for good and bad impact on your Audience.

So your content must have the right path to reach out your genuine Audience who need your business product and services.

How to attract your Audience through your content?

To attract your Audience to your business product and services you have to be regular to post content frequently to get more customers to reach out your product and services.

And the best way to serve your business product and services through your content to Audience is you have to define and find out what actually your Audience need from your business.

To get your Audience feedback and listen what they look from a product and service provider.
And to understand your Audience you need to keep your call to action or comment section box update.

Where your Audience can communicate directly to you and keep commenting and give suggestion and query about your product and services.

This impact to improve your business and search engine ranking on the search result.

And it also makes a sense to define your Audience need because via providing a call to action and comment section box.

Audience fined more flexibility to use this facility to share their issues they are facing while using your business product and services and sharing their suggestion and query.

And via communicating via your Audience via giving a relevant and specific answer to your Audience thought.

You build a relationship via your Audience which they feel genuine and get closer and are familiar to your business profile.

That’s why most of brand and professional website keep a staff to keep eye on every query and suggestion and solve them.

And give a positive response to their Audience and welcome them to use comment section box and call to action for any query and suggestion.

5-What is content in marketing via images?

While doing content marketing via images provide a great impact to attract visitor to convert to Audience.

Mostly brand business runs their product and services through images and infographic like –Amazon, Facebook, and Flipkart etc.

There are much more business examples that give the priority to run their business product and services through images and infographic.

Actually, Images and infographic impact as an eye catches sense which attracts visitor and your Audience to feel more friendly to your product and services.

And automatically find out actually what type of product and services you are offering to them and understand the value and purpose of your business.

Know in trending Images and infographic has a great impact to attract visitor and audience to stay on your site.

Where to get images and infographic?

On this Digital marketing world, we find plenty of services on the internet which provide free and paid services to get images and infographic.

But you can use free services like pixabay for images and for infographic you can use Canva which provide a platform to build your own design infographic about your need.

6-What is content in marketing via guest posting?

Know days guest posting has a great impact for a newbie or just who had launched their new website.

Guest posting makes you alive in Digital marketing through other brand Websites where you post your content or you can say a website which offers you to post your content on their sites.

It is useful for promoting your brand name because offer you to guest post via limitation.

That they have the flexibility to share your post via providing or publishing Author name or Brand name on their site.

Mostly Guest posting platform is used by the blogger who is new to the blogging sites and wants to introduce about their product and services through other brand websites platform.

7-What is content in marketing via video content?

Video content more impact to grow and attract your Audience directly to your business profile.
And show more discipline about your product and services to engage more traffic through the Audience.

Via using video content you can engage directly to your Audience and get feedback of positive and negative response immediately via like, dislike and suggestion.

More of the social shares come from your video content because you don’t need to define your relevant Audience.

Your content automatically attracts those users who are relevant to your product and services.

That’s why most of the business brand promote their business content marketing by promoting their video content and engage traffic.

And plan a strategy to target keyword on the search engine and deliver or you can say publish content directly to your targeted Audience.

8-What is content in marketing via blog?

A blog is the real definition of content marketing because creating a blog provides a sense to your Audience that what type of offer actually you have for your Audience.

While creating a blog content always remember that your content must be related to that keyword Answer.

Which keyword you are targeting to rank on a search engine first-page result and want to get a positive impression.

Because it is not so easy to stand on a search engine first-page result it takes times to search algorithm to understand that what type of information you are offering to your Audience.

That’s why most of the professional blogger reach out or you can say engage more traffic to their site through user-friendly content which impresses or attract Audience to keep staying to their blog.

How to write SEO friendly or you can say user-friendly post?

In this Digital marketing, you can promote your business product and services through writing unique blog content?

Writing a user-friendly content Means your content must be written in the discipline with h1,h2,h3 and h4 etc in a proper manner.

Also, read How to Wright user-friendly content.

Your content must be the specific answer of your targeted keyword and Avoid irrelevant word which is not understandable.

Because no one of your Audience stands via a dictionary while reading your blog content.

Also, read– Tactic to write content to engage visitors

Your content must be understandable to your Audience that what type of keyword related information you are offering to your visitor.

9-What is content in marketing via Social Media?

content marketing via social media

Social Media has a great impact on digital marketing while doing content marketing on the Social media platform.

Mostly to improve your business brand you need to engage via social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter etc.

Also, read  list of social media for content marketing

There are plenty of social media sites where you can do content marketing but there are some social media sites which have a great impact on social media content marketing.

While doing content marketing via social media you have to find out and reach out to those Audiences who can attract via your product and services.

In this digital world, social share creates more value for your content to reach out to more visitors who are willing to get to know your product and services.

How to engage Audience on social media via your content marketing?

As we know that or we have talked about in one of our paragraphs that Content is a king it makes your brand to grow up or it may slow down your growth.

So while doing content marketing always keeps in mind don’t share the irrelevant post to social media.

Also’read  social media marketing strategy

Means your post must be in Discipline manners to your Audience and they find out that actually what type of product and services you are offering.

And to be successful on social media marketing you need to target those social media platform which impacts your business.

Means, target those Social media platform which has Audience related to your product or services.

Exp-like if you offer a product or service through age group of 19 years to 60 plus than Facebook is a good platform to engage traffic.

But if you are offering a product and services via targeting age group of 13 years to 29 years audience than you have to use Instagram and Snapchat etc social media platform.

10-What is content marketing via landing page?

Content marketing through landing pages impacts user to know more briefly about your business profile.

To understand the landing page you have to understand your business profile that what type of product and services you have to offer your customer or visitor.

Landing page brings value to your business product or services to get conversation directly through your customer and visitor.

That’s why more of big brand introduce their product and services business profile via creating an attracting landing pages to get the impression from the visitor and customer.

Landing page gives a positive impact on your customer to engage more traffic and increase your product and services conversion.


In this post, I have shared some impact which is related to content value and type of content in marketing impact.

There are many theory and strategy about content in marketing on the Digital world.

But the most important part of the content in marketing is what type of content in marketing impact on your business profile.

In this post, all information is self Author experience and thought it may be other theory for content in marketing in the digital marketing world.

For any Query and suggestion feel free to comment on comment section box.

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Top 20 Best blog sites list to empower your blog via dynamic website (Info-graphic).

Top 20 Best blog sites list to empower your blog via dynamic website (Info-graphic).

While choosing a platform to create a blog sites for websites we get plenty of suggestion of CMS, WCMS, and Framework CMS.

And it seems difficult to find out which will be the best platform to start your blog sites or you can say websites.

Mostly there are plenty of platforms to create an awesome blog site to manage your Websites content, templates and layout.

But in this post, I have just mentioned 20 blog sites platform via a short description.

To get the right platform to create a blog site or website according to the business profile.

Let’s have a look that what I have for you?

Top 20 Best blog sites list to empower your blog via dynamic website (Info-graphic).

List of blog sites to create a professional and dynamic website.

1-Drupal –blog sites

Official sites-

Drupal is a content management system and one of the best blog creating sites.

Where you can create an outstanding and dynamic blog via using drag and drop features.

It provides a theme which let you manage your content and presentation via flexibility.

Drupal is open sources content management systems which provide free services to his user to use his dashboard interface.

You can get more than 2400 free community contributed themes to use and free open sources software that can be used by individuals, group and user.

Drupal is Written in PHP languages and distributed under the G N U-General Public Licenses.

Drag and drop features to manage layout and site administration and Available in 100 languages.

It was initial release on May 18, 2000.

Operating system – UNIX like, windows.

A theme more than 2,400 free community contributed themes to use.

Developer (s) -Drupal community

Type –Content Management system.

2-Wordpress –

Official site-

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems which cover 60% of the worldwide website.

It provides a platform where you can get thousand of a freemium and free plug-in to manage your site and to create dynamic and professional websites.

And via using those plug-in you can extend the features and functionality.

To use word press platform you need to select a theme to present your websites or you can create and develop your own custom theme for your blog sites.

You don’t need to be professional of programming languages to use WordPress Dashboard and features.

And you can access via multi-user and multi-blogging.

Initial release on May 27, 2003, and contributed in PHP, HTML, and CSS.

Operating System-Unix- Like, Windows.Available to use as Blog Software, Content Management System, Content Management Framework.

Distributed under GNU- General Public Licenses.

3-Weebly-blog sites

Official site-

Weebly is known for providing a platform to create a e-commerce and integrated marketing websites.

Actually, Weebly provides hosting services to his user to manage e-commerce storefront blog sites on the web server.

And it is one of the most lovable hosting services for awesome features like- Drag and drops, automatically generated mobile version blog sites and via unlimited storage.

Weebly provides a platform where You can get professional Domain which ends via .com,.net,.org,, and .us etc.

The initial release on March 29, 2006.and known as Webhosting Services.


Official site-

Wix provides a platform where you can create or build a dynamic website and facebook page.

It is cloud-based blog site to create websites related to culture performance, artist and business etc.

Wix provides a free and freemium service to his user .where as a free user you can access Wix features via limitation.

It is known for his multiple features via online drag and drop tools to create HTML5 Websites and Mobile friendly blog sites.

The initial release in 2006 and provide a service for Websites builder and web hosting services.


Official site-

Joomla is known as an open sources content management system which provides a simple interface dashboard to his user to create awesome blog sites.

It provides a third-party extension tool and thousands of templates to use free and provide a Directory of 8000 extension tool to manage or customize your blog site interface, design, and layout.

And working under the graphical user interface (GUI) to create or manage layout and other features like font and color etc.

Via including outstanding features like page caching and RSS feed etc.

And Available in 70 multilingual languages. Which is written in PHP and welcome via a cross-platform operating system?

And published in GNU General Public Licenses. initial release on August 17, 2005, known as a content management system, Content management frame Work.

blog sites list to empower your blog 1

blog sites list to empower your blog 2

blog sites list to empower your blog 3

blog sites list to empower your blog 4

6- Blogger-

Official site-

Blogger provides a free platform to his where you can create a blog and share to Social Sites.
Actually, it is a Google product and Available in 60 languages.

Blogger provides free templates via outstanding design to create a blog via using Drag and drop templates editing interface.

It also provides a platform where you can create your own templates via using CSS.

You can create 100 blogs for a particular account and write an unlimited blog post for each and every blog site.

It is a blog hosting sites written in python and Initial release on August 23, 1999.

7- Medium-

Official site-

Medium is an online publishing tool where you can access via registering a sign up free Account to use this blog sites platform.

To use this platform you need have to register via Google Gmail, Facebook or via email address.

Actually, it is a short blogging platform which is similar to twitter and tumbler in some cases.

And mostly medium platform is used as a Social, journalism and short magazine etc.

It is an online publishing tool which was initial release on August 15, 2012, and Mostly known as a social media platform.

8-Ghost org-

Official site-

Ghost is known as an open source hosted blog sites platform and written in a javascript language.

Actually, it is a cross-platform which is distributed under the MIT Licenses.

Ghost org is a proper SEO built platform which was initial release on October 14, 2013.

9- Square space-

Official site-

Square space is blog sites which provide a platform and known as a publishing tool.

It provides a platform to manage or create a website and hosting and provide the best service for online store or e-commerce blog site.

Which provide a platform to build a Dynamic and user-friendly website.

It provides a simple interface Dashboard platform to his user.

Where you can get features like Module templates, style editor, templates Switching, customize the content layout, and custom CSS etc.


Official site-

Django is known as an open source content management system to create a professional website.

And it is the one of the best content management system (CMS) to create a blog sites website For Marketer and Business leader.

Django is known for his drag and drops features which have more flexibility to use and customize templates and layout.

And Django provides features SEO called as SEO tool.


Official site-

Penzu is a microblogging platform which is known as the cloud base Diary platform.

Where you can keep your all document and short notes safe and private in a secure server.

It is mostly used for a blog site to create or build entries or upload images and share the post with others.

Penzu provides free and paid services to his user wherein a pro plan you can access via Customization features.

Like-changing font, color, and theme on your personal and secure website.

It is a blog site of Type –private diary and was founded in 2008 and available in App for Android and ios devices. –

Official site-

Svbtle is a blog site of blogging where you can read and write your thought as a writer.

You can get Svbtle blog sites to help you to get or generate Ideas and publish your thought worldwide.

Through Svbtle you can get writing experience and format your blog post via using markdown easy to use learn and write tool.

You can get innovative Dashboard interface on Svbtle which provide a platform to the redesigned theme.

13-Webs –

Official site-

Web blog sites provide a platform to manage your website via web hosting services.

You can get access via free and paid account or you can say it is fermium tools which provide a hosting service to host your website.

The best thing of is it provides a platform where you can create or design your website.

Actually, you can say it provides professionally designed templates which are free to use.

To use these templates you don’t need to do extra coding on blog sites. provides or you can say welcome via plenty of features services like –Domain registration, Web development, Web hosting, and online advertising etc.

It was founded by key people David brown in 1999.

Official site-

Jimdo is known for Web hosting Services which provide services in four free and premium plans.

Wherein free services you get free Jimdo services and Free Web hosting Services and in the premium plan, you get Jimdo pro and Jimdo Business.

Jimdo is available in 8 languages like- German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Dutch.

It is one of the best blog site platforms for those users who are looking to create Online Store and e-commerce etc Website site.

And Available in Application Android and ios and was founded in February 2007.

15-Type Pad-

Official site-

Typepad provides a hosting service where you can publish your blog site to the worldwide internet via using Typepad platform.

It is the most loveable hosting platform by the Organization and social media company to host their blog and commercial websites.

Typepad was launched in October 2003 and known as a blog hosting service.

16-Typo 3-

Official site-

Type 3 is an open source content management system and also known as a web content management system to publish your blog sites.

It is known software for his flexibility of one-click installation process. which was Initial release on 1998.

Typo3 is written in PHP and work as a cross-platform. it is most useful content management and web management system to manage or build a small or large corporation.

It provides a platform where you can get the number of extension tool to manage your design and layout to create a beautiful website.

Released under GNU general public license and available in 51 languages.

17-Open CMS-

Official site-

Open CMS is a content management system which is Alkon software distributed under the GNU – Leser public license.

Which is Available in java programming language via java and XML platform.

Initial releases in 1999 and the open CMS software run via the web browser.

Open CMS provide a Drag and drop features to manage your website Interface Directly on the web page.

It is a cross-platform Publishing web browser-based content management system.

To use open CMS platform you don’t need to be expert of coding languages.

It provides a feature to manage your templates or layout without coding via WYSIWYG editor.

18-Dot CMS-

Official site-

Dot CMS is known as a Java-based open source content management system and distributed under GNU General Public License.

It was Initial release on January 2009 As an API Based CMS and Layout API.

The best thing of Dot CMS is it provides flexible features drag and drop to manage or control your templates and layout.

Actually, it is a cross-platform which provide a platform to remotely manage your Web content.
Available in Multilingual languages.

19-Kentico –

Official site-

Kentico is known as Web Content Management System Which was initial release on August 1, 2006 and was developed by Kentico Software.

It provides a platform to create a dynamic website for online marketing and e-commerce etc. via using Kentico awesome features.

And also offer Web content Management system like-WYSIWYG editor tool and platform to create multilingual content.

Kentico offers five functionality Area to manage Kentico CMS like- Content management, online communities, Intranet and collaboration, online Marketing and e-commerce blog sites.

Types of support CMS, WCMS, E-commerce, online marketing platform and distributed under licenses Free Edition, Proprietary.

20-Pulse CMS blog site-

Official site-

Pulse CMS is a software which is designed to create or manage a small website.

It provides a features WYSIWYG editor tool to edit and manage your content, Media Manager, Gallery, and Backup system etc.

Pulse CMS is written in PHP and distributed under license of proprietary.

To use Pulse CMS platform it required Apache and PHP 5 and pulse CMS doesn’t require a database it used a flat file.

Suggested post –

1-Top 15 best content Management system example to build a Website.

2-Top 12 best free SEO tool checker to empower your website speed and search engine ranking.

3-Top 15 Plus Best keyword research tool free to boost your Websites ranking.

Conclusion –

In this post, I have mentioned some useful information about blog sites via a short description.

On the worldwide internet, there are plenty of blog sites or content management system to create a dynamic Website.

But I have mentioned some of them which are useful to get going via your new website according to your business profile.

For any query or suggestion feel free to comment on comment section box.

Information source is from Wikipedia and other web research based.

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Social media marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness

Social media marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness.

Social media marketing strategy is a platform from, where you can engage traffic for your business, product or services website or blog from further social sharing technique platform ‘Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Actually, Social media marketing strategy is a targeting technique from a social network platform.

Where you can promote a particular product or services and spread brand awareness.

Social media marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness

Image source(Pixa Bay)


Social media marketing definition?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a platform of an internet or digital marketing it works process is to utilize a media platform like social media marketing tools.

SMM provides a platform, where you have to build a campaign for a selected or targeted audience to promote your similarly business product or services and increase the visibility on search engine.

First of all, you have to know that, It has a huge beneficial platform where it provides a facility to get feedback.

Furthermore, about your business product or service to get instant improvement or what the visitor is looking for from your business module.

You have to also provide a call to action and 24 *7 customer care support.

Where the customer can get intention about your brand to complain or suggestion.

or you can say social customer relationship management.

Hence, Now day’s social media marketing is in huge demand every businessmen owner first choice is to promote.

Their business via social media marketing platform and target selected Audience to increase their business growth similarly locally or globally.

Social media marketing for business

SMM-social media marketing provide a platform where you can increase your business growth with targeted audience locally or globally.

Which similarly to SEM (search engine Marketing).

and generate leads and connect to the user via having their feedback.

You can get an instant result from social media campaign, it Authorized your brand direct to the Audience through social sites.

Its brings remarkable success with driving or generating leads and sales.

Types of social media marketing strategy plans

Choosing a specific a social network –

1 step –

First of all, we have to choose a network site for your campaign, where you have started to run a social site campaign to promote your visual sites to engage a traffic to generate leads for your product or services profile.

2 step –

This is a most important step where you have set up an attractive business site profile.

Actually, here you have to give a short note about yourself, detail about your product or services to your customer.

But always set up a responsive profile, that what you have different from other product or services.

Such profile brings a brand awareness to engage the customer to get closer to know what you have in your business profile.

3 step-

Above all Giving a pacific reason about your product or services with instant feedback response on customer support.

4 step-

Always be updated or check monthly basis your social media profile photo, cover photo, biodata is completely updated.

How to start a social media marketing strategy campaign?

Hence, Building a social media campaign is not so easy, how it looks like, it all game of planning and building a strategy to grow your business.

First of all, before you start your strategy to build a campaign for your company or business.

Actually, you have to know, what kind of goal and adjective similarly to your business and, you have targeted to achieve and see.

Mostly you have to look after that, What is the accurate progress achieved success report for your business?

Once you build your blueprint of campaign strategy.

You can instant plan how to grow your business on social media marketing.

Actually, this provides a foundation, where you can improve your business plan by making changes and increase your targeted Audience.

1-Quick look where you stand on current social preference

First of all, While starting to build a strategy you have to look current preference, where your business stand on which social site area you have to target for engaging the audience.

2-know your audience needs and location.

While starting a campaign your strategy should be Audience intensive, which platform audience spend time online.

What type of content and information they are searching for and what is their need.

It’s not that post your content or publishing message in your campaign and your work has done.

You have to write or post your content related to your audience needs what they are looking for your business sites.

Always be aware of providing unique and genuine information so your audience can interact with your product or services.

3-Providing a unique and amazing content.

Once you started providing a specific content or information related to your audience need.

Once you have built a reputation with providing deep information or content related to the same niche.

Your audience will be regular to visit your site. And will be interested in what you have a new update in your campaign.

They need more valuable and content information from your site.

So, always be clear to post regularly or weekly content or information on your campaign where the audience is loyal to trust your site.

Types of social media tools turned into business promotion platform.

Digital marketing work with many multiple channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and youtube etc.

and some other electronic channel such as TV, radio, and sponsorship.

All social media platform have a different working method and provide different types of platform.

Where you can target a different set of your Audience such as Social publishing, social networking, image sharing a social network.

Social publishing


Youtube etc

Social networking



LinkedIn etc

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Here you can find plenty of competition on social media website on the internet, some of them are in huge demand on the internet and build their name and fame as a brand but some of them drop their hope and leave the competition.

Social media marketing strategy working method and how it works?

Branded channel

Closed communities

Influencer outreach


Social selling

Customer services

Customer feedback

Branded channel

Here you can create a page on social media and build a campaign, and through that,

Once you provide a facility to your customer to voice chat or communication about your business or company directly to your business profile page.

Closed communities

Here your built a small group and joined other people who are available to increase your business to grow through group communities.

Where group member shares each other ideas, knowledge or information in the social media group.

Influencer outreach

Company or business, who had already popular on social media sites and had a huge follower and have a good impression on social media.

therefore they used their reputation to promote your business via giving a positive review of your business or company.


When you launch your business product or services through social media Channel.

Which is in huge demand and built a name and fame as a brand and have huge followers and likes on their social profile called co-creation.

Social selling

Here you can communicate with your customer with voice chat or text chats and sells your business product or services in social media platform.

Customer services

In this social media service, it provides a facility o service to your customer as a customer service where you solve the query or doubt with solving their problems with full customer support.


This is the most powerful services if you are running a company for selling a product or services.

Your customer’s feedback shows that what types of improvement your company needs and how to fix it.

How to target your business by researching the competition?

Social media had many competitors you have to look after other competitors what is going on with their business doing well or not so well.

It brings a sense to what the audience is excepting from social media competition.
Who is doing well?

and, what changes they are doing to grow their business?

It set you how to improve your Audience leads and business growth.

You can improve your business growth with social listening and with monitoring competitor.

First of all, you have to look at those competitors, who had a specific post or campaign and hitting the mark and booming on social media marketing.

Listen to those popular competitor post, how they are posting information and use it to evaluate with your own goal and plans.

Benefits of social media marketing


Brand awareness.


This is the most important obvious benefits of social media marketing to increase your audience with brand awareness.

Via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media channel.

Which provide a huge platform, where you reach plenty of people, who had never heard of your brand?

Here you can tell people about your brand and give a specific reason and why it is different from other competitors.

Social media provide a platform, where you can fill the gap of an audience with aware people of your brand.

And increase your visibility in social media marketing channel via your new targeted audience.


Your brand quality


Above all, If you have the good quality brand, people willing to chose your brand over the competition.

On a consistent basis or they can switch to another product or services if they find flexibility according to their needs.


Building a loyal brand


Building a loyal brand is not a night dream but you can increase your brand awareness.

With using a social media marketing platform with a fast result.

hence, If you continently interact with your audience and responding to their question answers in good time.

It brings your brand awareness from the tribe of a different platform.


5 Mysterious social media marketing strategy platforms to increase your brand awareness.


Facebook social media marketing strategy platform


This is one of the big social media platforms where more than 2billion visitor visit on search engine by searching facebook on the internet.

Hence,It is an American online social media and social networking services, which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 4 February 2004.

On the social media platform, Facebook is one of the biggest platforms, which reach over the 1/3 part of the world population.

Via providing advertiser an opportunity to engaged with targeted audience locally or globally.

Businessmen who provide a product or service to their consumer /customer, they promote their advertising with an offer.

It provides a more advanced strategy where you can easily promote your advertisement with a targeted audience.

You can show your ads to a selected field targeted group, language, age, state or country with many other facilities.


How much cost for facebook advertisement


Actually facebook advertisement prices fixed by several factors, what criteria you chose to promote your business ads.

It all depends on your budget you have set for your business ads promotion.


Instagram social media marketing strategy platform


Instagram is also one of the best platforms .which similarly to other social platforms.

Where you can promote your ads by using an image and videos.

Actually this an image and video sharing platform, where product or service provider promotes their advertisement with the Instagram social platform.

Instagram was launched in October 2010 exclusively for ios and for Android device in April 2012 and fully upload for all device service and windows app on 10 April 2016.

But It is a facebook platform developed by Facebook and the author is Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger.

Instagram provides multiple language services in 36 languages to their user.

After facebook Instagram is the second largest social media platform, where the user is skewed heavily to the 18-29 age.

Towards more of the user are females and minor. if your business profile match to such criteria.

Or you have similarly the business that is related to the younger generation, then Instagram is the best option to promote your business ads.


How to set up the Instagram campaign?


Instagram is very similar to Facebook ads to start a login to your company or business profile.

You need a facebook page about your business to run a campaign on Instagram.
Actually facebook pages are especially for business, .brand and organization where you create a page about your business profile.

You can promote your business ads by using three major tools on the Instagram platform.

Ads manager

Power editor

Facebook Ads API

Select one of your tools which are best for your both company size and number of ads you want to promote at once.

Choose your objective which you want to run.

Here you find a different type of objective to choose, you have to shortlist your object, which one is reliable for your business.


Make your ads eligibility on Instagram.


Here you find a list of object to select for your business on Instagram and you have to shortlist from the option.

• Boost your post.

• Promote your page.

• Send people to your website.

• Increase conversion on your website.

• Get installs of your app.

• Increase engagement in your app.

• Reach people near your business.

• Raise attendance at your event.

• Get people to claim your offer.

• Get video views.


Choosing targeted Audience locally or globally related to your business.


rather, You have to select which type of criteria you want to list on Instagram ads promotion.








Financial status




Ethnic affinity

Life events



Politics (only for the U.S)


Here you find two types of audience defer whom you want to see your ads.

1-custom audience –

Custom audience means to reach those people who already interact with your business.

2-lookalike Audience –

Lookalike audience is that the audience who is new to your business and similarly to most of your audience.

Set up placement to move forward with Instagram.

This is a most important setting between Facebook ads and Instagram ads .you has to uncheck all the boxes except Instagram.


Budget and schedule for the campaign


The daily budget set, your daily budget ads to run continuously throughout a day with setting up a daily budget price to run your campaign.

Lifetime budget here you can set up your ads campaign for some specific lifetime period promotion.

Set up your ad deliver

Link click


Daily unique reach

Set up bid amount for your ads campaign manually or Automatic.

Setup your delivery schedule standard or accelerated.

Name your ads set to identify latter when you need.

Setting up your ad creative.

Choose your ad format –here you have to decide that how your ad appears on the ad post.

Single image, video or slideshow or multiple images, video ads it depends on you how you want your ad looks like.


Upload your media with using criteria


File type

1-Jpeg format

2-Png format

Text size

Minimum 125 characters

Maximum 2, 200 characters

Instagram square video ads

Image size- 1080*1080 pixel


Aspect ratio-1:1

Instagram landscape video ads

Image size -1200*628 pixel

The resolution must be -600*600 pixels

Image ratio-1:1


Next and last step- set up your page & links


1-Connect your facebook page and Instagram account profile.

2-Add your website URL.

3-Add a headline

4-creating a caption with 125 characters

5-select call to active service for your customer.

Know your Instagram ads are ready to place the order know just click on the green button in the bottom left side corner and start your campaign.


Twitter social media marketing strategy platform


Twitter is a platform where it connects to short messages and people are engaged with talking and sharing news and reviews.

Or simply you can say it is a micro-blogging website services and social networking sites.

And where therefore the user connects with niche and mainstream influencer.

Twitter is American online news and social networking sites which were founded on March 21, 2006.

And launched on July 15, 2006, and founder was Jack Dorsey

It is one of the most popular social media sites with 328 million active user monthly visitors.

As a result Know day twitter is in great demand, where e-commerce store used to promote their business ads.

And get their brand awareness and promote their product through direct conversion.

Set up Twitter ads campaign

First of all, you have to decide which type of campaign you want to run.

1-Promoted accounts

2-Promoted tweets

3-Promoted trends

4-Website cards


Nine tactics to set up Twitter ads campaign


1- Using a relevant and user-friendly attractive image.

2-you have to focus on your targeted product.

3-identify and target influencers and engage with them.

4- Name you’re your campaign.

5-set up your campaign dates, budget and funding sources.

6- Now setup your ads group with using optional start and end time.

7-First of all Select a type of bid which you want to set up with your campaign automatic bid or maximum bid.

8- Select your targeted audience were your ads appear for the user.

9-set up your tweet or customize location where you like in your campaign.

Hence, Now you have finally completely set up advance tactic to launch and run your Twitter engagement campaign.

LinkedIn Social media marketing strategy platform.

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where you can engage with the user who is more than 30+.

It is good business sharing platform for those businessmen, who run their business B2B employment-oriented services.

Actually, LinkedIn was found 28 December 2002 and officially launched on 5 may 2003.

And was founded by Reid Hoffman (chairman) Jeff Weiner ( Ceo).it was developed for services that operate via websites and mobile services.

Linked in is known for providing social services and but know available in 24 multiple languages.

Its purpose was mainly used for professional networking B2B, where user includes employer posting jobs and job seekers posting Cvc.

Linked started with slow but know it is one of the most popular social media platforms where it covers all business module.

It was professionally designed to get all employer and job seekers to get on one platform directly B2B.

In May survey report LinkedIn user member reaches are approximately 562 million in may 2018.

Youtube social media marketing strategy platform

Youtube is one of the best free sharing website platform, where people upload views and share videos.

Finally, It was manually used to sharing video platform, where people use this platform to share information.

But know day’s people are using this platform to promote their business by providing a useful knowledge about their product or services.

But, Youtube was launched on 28 February 2005 and co-founder were three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

And Google bought this site for US$1.65 dollar in November 2006.

Youtube provides a platform were user can become a partner with Google and earn revenue by giving ads promotion on their video content.

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