Who is this hosting company?Is it good for website best performance?

In the Digital marketing world, your hosting has a direct impact on your business websites. so for that, you have to know , who is this hosting company and what services they provide to their user.

Actually, you will find plenty of business of digital product and services providers, who have their business websites, Personal blog websites, actually, there are too many niche websites.

And your company domain hosted to the particular host server that users can easily browse your website in any different search browser like Opera Mini, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.

Good web hosting boosts your website speed to load your site faster and if you have a fast uploading site with https secure site.

Automatically your website improves web page rankings on Google and on other search engines.

Like- Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, etc other search engine platforms.

Don,t misunderstood there are 200 SEO ranking factors and one of the most important SEO factors Which matter directly to your site is your website uploading speed.

Google and other search engines provide free tools to check out and test your website speed and do google mobile-friendly tests with google free tools.

Before diving into the digital marketing field you have to understand the theory of brand awareness, don’t copy the path that others do, Many time may others get going with the wrong path.

Actually, brand awareness keeps you updated with the latest brand activities and its performance on the internet.

To get updated before diving to buy any product or services Like- host and domain which are only available to buy online.

Then Social media is the best platform to check out what recently going on related to that particular host domain and what are present time available offers.

There are few questions that you query and search on the search engine of Google to update your awareness for any particular host before buying.

Let’s have a look /…

Who is this hosting

Who is this hosting company & how much is the cost of hosting?

Before diving to buy a hosting you have to check out what type of hosting you are going to buy, is that hosting eligible to host your business website.

Check out the host location and how long they have started their hosting services, and what are their performance.

Actually Now in the digital marketing world, you will get to hear about plenty of hosting services, Some are too old but have poor performance but some are newcomer host services providers, who had an excellent performance result.

So it’s too hard to find out which host will be the website best-host services, provider.

And to find hosting for your website best performance, first you have to check out what kind of web performance you want,  what type of business website you want to host.

Like – eCommerce site, online services,  an insurance company, etc.

There are plenty of review site which provides genuine information related to particular web host services review.

It,s depend on you how you can find your best host through best search engines or through the best review site.

There are more similar queries that people search for related to hosting.

Who is the website host?

Who is hosting the website?

Who is the website host?

Who hosts my website?

Where is the site hosted?

Sometimes you don,t need to too many queries about the host, just simply pick up top website URL or your favorite website URL and test their website speed with insight page speed or Pingdom.

If their speed is good then simply type http://example.com.cutestat/ on the website of the google search engine, It will redirect you to the cutestat page.

And here you can find all stat related to a particular domain, Like- page speed on mobile and desktop, Domain age,  domain company and the hosting company that particular website hosted on.

Just done now you have found out Who hosts this site, Now go to check out some helpful and genuine review website ranking on the website of Google.

And to find out who is this hosting company and what is an upcoming and ongoing offer to purchase and host your site.

Who is hosting your website domain?

There are many features option provided by the hosting provider When you buy or purchase their host plan,some don’t offer any extra features Like – domain, encrypted lock (https) secure site, Website Site back up and Cpanel, etc.

You will get to learn all rumors in 2 simple examples that are in trending & profitable hosting review mention below in the paragraph.

Review of site ground

Site ground hosting review

Site ground is a well-known company since 2004 and known as providing hosting service to host websites and popular in USA, Uk, Bulgaria, Spain, and Singapore, which is the site ground main data center.

And from those data center, they handle other location-based sub data center available in other country or state, Like-

Alexandria, VA (USA)
SG Hosting Inc.
901 N. Pitt St, Suite 325
Alexandria, 22314 VA

Madrid (Spain)
SiteGround Spain S.L.
C/ Serrano 1, 5º
28001 Madrid

London (UK)
SiteGround Hosting Ltd.
3rd Floor, 11-12 St. James’s Square
London SW1Y 4LB

Sofia (Bulgaria)
SiteGround Hosting EOOD
6, Olimpiiska Str.
1166, Sofia

And that is the reason why it is one of the top 10 listed host companies,  which is a cheap host platform to their user with a free SSL security certificate.

Site ground hosting plans:

+ Webhosting plans —– Best for Startup

Startup ($3.95/mo)/ While renewal($11.95/mo) ( 10000 visitor

Grow big ($5.95/mo)While renewal($11.95/mo) 10000 + visitor

Gogeek ($7.95/mo) While renewal($11.95/mo)25000 +visitor

+ WordPress hosting plans ——-Best for a startup ( similar to Webhosting plans)

Startup ($3.95/mo)While renewal($11.95/mo) 10000 visitor

Grow big ($5.95) While renewal($11.95/mo)10000 + visitor

Gogeek ($7.95) While renewal($11.95/mo) 25000 + visitor

+ Woocomerse hosting Plans —– Best for Startup (Similar plans to Webhosting and WordPress hosting)

Startup ($3.95/mo)While renewal($11.95/mo) 10000 visitor

Grow big ($5.95)While renewal($11.95/mo) 10000 + visitor

Gogeek ($7.95) While renewal($11.95/mo) 25000 + visitor

+ Cloud hosting plans (Profitable for 100000/mo + visitors )

Entry plan —- $80.00/mo no hidden fee on renewal

Business ——–$120/mo

Business plus ——$160/mo

Super Power ———$240/mo

Why buy or purchased site ground hosting? Pros and corn?

Definitely site ground has high performing results and improving day by day and has great impact on the web host platform.

Cause of having a huge free service on his host platform and the best priceless thing is SSL security certificate and free unlimited email account services via user-friendly c panel dashboard.

And such an affordable thing makes it a cheap host, and the important thing is website performance & page rankings on google.

Both benefits you get while using site ground host no matter what kind of plan you use for a website host.

it provides full communication like live chat, text chat or phone call all customer services are outstanding even you can migrate or you can transfer your site free if you are using Grow big, Gogeek or Cloud hosting plans.

But the corn is their host renewal charges are too high and limited storage but according to their free SSL and unlimited email account make it priceless or you can say affordable to renewal.

After all site ground host is profitable if we justify through their free services free SSL certificate, free migration, free cloud CDN, unlimited email account and daily back up (99.99 )uptime and other technical 24/7 support services.

Let’s have a look at their services and plans and justify why it’s affordable

site ground hosting review

Find interesting and affordable offer visit through the Banner Image link ——————————

Web Hosting
“This is an affiliate link if you purchase through this link we get a little amount of commission to refer you to the official site, you don’t have to pay a penny, Rather if there is an offer or cupon option available you get discount through our affiliate link.”

Why top website are the host on Site ground?

Now every website need is to secure their website via https and that is the good reason why most of the website look to transfer their site to site ground hosting.

Cause Site ground has the capability to provide a free SSL certificate via Cloud CDN.

And for any website SSL and Cloud CDN play important role to improve your web site page ranking on Google, or other search engines.

Hostinger :- Who is this hosting company? review of Site.

Hostinger was established in 2004 and has a slow startup & after 2011 host became a well known hosting company in worldwide.

Its provide a different 7 region services and their staff office are approximately 39 in Different country.

Lithuania, Cyprus, Indonesia, Brazil, Europe, Asia, and the US, ensuring good uptime and fast speed worldwide

So you can guess how big a company it is, and Why it take 3 places in hosting company list.

If you are looking for the cheapest host company which fits in your pocket budget then Hostinger host company will full your all wishes.

Cause it has the capability to provide cheap hosting to its customers to host their website and serve their data server around seven different region-based.

Which make easy for the customer to manipulate with their regional languages and understand the company hosting and plans.

Full support of hostinger official site via knowledgeable staff which are always ready (24/7)to fix customer website hosting issues and clear all doubts that is related to hostinger customers.

Hostinger hostings Plans :

As other hosting plans hostinger also has 3 different types of hosting which are cheaper than other hosting plans.

let’s have a look

Web Hosting

+Single Shared Hosting ($0.99/Mo)
+Premium Shared Hosting ($2.59/mo)
+Business Shared Hosting ($4.49/mo)

Cloud Hosting Plans

+Cloud Start-Up ($9.99/mo)
+Cloud Professional ($18.99/mo)
+Cloud Enterprise($35.99/mo)

VPS Hosting Plans

+ 1 vCPU 1 GB (Memory) 20 GB (Storage) 1000 GB (Bandwidth) $ 3.95 /mo

+ 2 vCPU 2 GB (Memory) 40 GB (Storage) 2000GB (Bandwidth) $ 8.95 /mo

+ 3 vCPU 3 GB (Memory) 60 GB (Storage) 3000 GB (Bandwidth) $ 12.95 /mo

+ 4 vCPU4 GB (Memory) 80 GB (Storage) 4000 GB (Bandwidth) $ 15.95 /mo

+ 6 vCPU 6 GB (Memory) 120 GB (Storage) 6000 GB (Bandwidth) $ 23.95 /mo

+ 8 vCPU 8 GB (Memory) 160 GB (Storage) 8000 GB (Bandwidth) $ 29.95 /mo

lets check through infographics

Hostinger Hosting review

Why hostinger is a Website best choice to host?

Well, first thing is that matter is cheapest host price via a free domain registration and the second reason is, it has lightning speed, fully WordPress Seo optimized website for a better SEO result.

And the best thing about this host is providing a facility of 3x more requests within a second Which is much greater than other hosting companies.

If you are looking for a cheap Website host provider then hostinger will be good choice for free hosting with WordPress to host your website.

All the data status is taken by the hosting fact .com.

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Comparison via both hosting services Site ground & Hostinger Through their Pros & Cons

site ground vs Hostinger

After comparison with both host site, it seems both have its own impact on services, You can go with one of those, but if you are looking for cheap hosting with good website performance then Hostinger is good to go.

But if you are looking for free full SSL security via free Cloud CDN then Site ground will be a better option to get going your website on the root.

Still not feeling comfortable want to know more visit the link for site ground full review

You can purchase any of them through our Hostinger and Site Ground image affiliate link……..

Conclusion —

Here in this post, I have just furnished the plans and how to find the website best host through questioning who is this hosting company and why it will be better for web hosting.

In this hosting review, both hosting examples are to define hosting plans to compare different web hosting services through their available features and their performance.

for any query or suggestion feel free to comment on the comment section box.

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